Why does he act this way?

Ok, I have this problem with a best friend, he recently started liking me and as I am inexperienced with dating so I didn't know the signs. As a best friend he's a sweet guy, he listens, gives good advice, and when there are silences, they're comfortable ones - not awkward! He's funny - always making me laugh - and he's smart so it's not a big surprise that he's a total chick magnet but I always thought of him as a best friend that is until one day when I was over and he hugged me around the waist unexpectedly and kissed my neck which seriously confused me. I really hate myself for not responding to his actions like I just let him hug me like that and I didn't say anything. What really sucks is one of my best friends has a crush on him so I am overcome with the biggest guilt even though he made the move.

Oh! With the chick magnet thing it's mostly cause he's nice to girls (and guys - he's not gay! even though I sometimes refer to him as my gay best friend) so they like him and try to pursue him but he's told me numerous times that heaps of them are annoying so he doesn't like them.

So I decided to ask him if he liked me after everything happened and he said yes so confidently I felt as though he was a major playboy so he had done it a thousand times before. He was pretty ok with telling me about his "safety net" ~ he keeps some girls close so if one relationship doesn't work out he can easily move on to the next but from what I know and from what he had said - he wasn't lying when he made it clear that he didn't just like anyone and that I was very special to him. Honestly, I seriously hate guys who act this way but I feel the slightest attraction to him now but I don't know if it's sympathy or like.

He describes us as being "broken" as we both have our fair share of problems but mine are family orientated and his are on relationships.

I reckon he's pretty insecure but I don't see why he has to treat girls the way he does. I still treat him as a best friend and when we talk it's still casual but when it's on the topic of us I take ages to reply cause I feel pressured to write something but then I worry that if I say that then our friendship might not be the same.

So what do you think I should do? And how should I act?

Cause I love him as a best friend and I don't want to lose him strictly as a best friend but I'm confused about my own feelings for him and I'm actually more worried about the way he acts.
Why does he act this way?
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