I really like him but he has a girlfriend...but why does he act the way he does?

i've never understood guys, and I've always got the rong stick...and I don't jump to conclusions anymore but what do you guys think of this..

theres a guy I really like, but wer just classmates, he doesn't know me too well, but since we met a few months ago we keep having random glances b/w each other, more on my behalf (lol..) anyway now I know he has a girlfriend, and I shall graciously move on but I just want to understand why he acted the way he did sometimes.

for example one time in a lecture hall I was sittin at the far right, and he was on the stairs on the other end, and everyone was slowly coming in, and we had that fleeting glance thing, so he knew wer I was sitting...but then my friends came and wanted me to sit further bac and in the middle row...so we moved, and wer I was sittin I had a clear view of him, and I saw him afta a while look towards the seats wer I had been sitting...and den his eyes moved to the row behind those seats...and den across the room up to where I was sitting..,and I was smirking slightly...but then someone in front of me stood up blocking my view, but when they moved, and I looked at him again, wen our eyes met, his gaze shot down to the ground...

weirdness...i really don't understand him...

and I know its not that he likes me because he has a girlfriend, so now I'm scared because I don't know mebbe he hates me...

the thing is he has caught me lookin at him a few times, wich I just do widout realising to be honest, and one time I was sitting at the back with a guy mate and the hall was like practically empty and he was sitting further down, and then randomly during the lecture at one point I realised he was lookin at me...he was turned in his seat looking behind him, up at me...and wen our gazes met I did the usual thing and flipped my gaze away...super nerve wrecking... :S

theres been so many instances wer we just glance at each other gazes meeting but I always am first to look away.

and I think I have made it obvious I like him :(

we have toked on a few occasions during class, wer I totally acted propa normal,--not like I fancied him!

he always uses my name wen he toks to me a lot as well...

i can't help but think he is playin wid my mind OR I'm a psycotic freak that reads into things too much.

Am I? And if you could explain the thing in the lecture hall, does anyone understand what that was about? I know there's no hope but, I at least wanna learn from this experience.


love you all, xx

I really like him but he has a girlfriend...but why does he act the way he does?
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