Wait... so why does she act like this?

So this girl and I have had a weird relationship since I started here. She's married, but she would follow me around and want my attention, we became friends and were talking together most everyday. She'd meet me in the break room and we'd walk and talk back to out desks almost everyday. Her body language told me she liked me but she flips her hair constantly and I thing she has a nervous habit of doing this. Anyways, we'd talk everyday one week then she'd disappear the next then start over again. This was a year ago. Since then I've started this cycle of ignoring her and being cold to back to friends to back to ignoring. A lot of it has to do with how confusing she is towards me. She's made me jealous with a buddy of mine and I've talked about other girls around her. I'd ignore her and she'd seem to get upset and come search me out wondering what's up. Back and forth kind of stuff. I ignored her pretty hard for a month and a half and she started walking and talking with my buddy like her and I used to. I used to skip lots of out group lunch outings because I didn't want to be made jealous. When I first started she went all of them, now she skips all of them except one when I was out if town which she was sure to let me know about it. She also like called I sick when we had a group tour when we had talked about how we were both going. Yesterday she flipped her hair around and kept lookin over at me I did my best to not look since were in a meeting and she gets up and leaves half way through. Then in today's meeting I'm making jokes and everyone is laughing except her, she was acting like she was not looking or paying attention. She will be cool and nice with me one minute the next like she's too busy to talk to me and will barely turn around from her computer like she's too busy. It didn't used to be this way. She's not looking to cheat on her husband. I want to be friends again and am trying to work back in. Why does she act like this?
Wait... so why does she act like this?
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