Do the number of Ys in 'hey' have any meaning?

OK I'm already telling you this is a silly question but I was still curious does the number of Ys have any in meaning in the word 'hey'? I think I saw this on a poster somewhere that supposedly if its one then is business or casual, 2 is a bit flirty, 3 is they are ready for sexy time lol, 4 is trying too hard and so on. Anyways do any of you consciously put a specific number of Ys in your 'hey's or do you think this is dumb and always text with perfect grammar and spelling? Thanks

For more information I refer you to this:


I thought it was pretty funny haha


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  • I had no clue about this. Thanks, now I will make sure not to text any guy with so many y's in my hey in case he goes by this. No wonder every time I text heyyyyy the guy starts talking dirty!

    • haha learn something new everyday!

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  • I don't pay attention to that.

    It all means the same. Well, the more letters there are. The more annoying it is to me.

  • For me no. I'm just saying 'heyyyy'. If I put a winky face, that's a different story but overall they have no meaning but how hyper I am lol.


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