My boyfriend won't answer my texts... should I STOP texting him?

We were texting for a while yesterday, and then he just stopped responding. I didn't think anything of it, even though I was a bit disappointed. I texted him today asking for help with something quickly, but he didn't respond. If he doesn't respond by tomorrow, is it okay to text him again?


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  • That depends on if you're a beggar or not.

    Case in point;

    I'm a genuine man but unlike most men, I value communication from both genders. Actions speak for themselves. The only phone numbers on my phone belong to people that care enough to call from time to time. As you can imagine, I don't have too many friends but I do know this; the ones that are my friends are genuine.

    My advice is to stop texting and if he text's you back anytime soon, don't be so quick to text back. Let him wait! If he doesn't want to speak to you he should at least do you the courtesy of an explanation. You say that he's your boyfriend. Do you really believe his behavior is a reflection of someone who cares about you.

    Another point. Dating is to see if we're a match and what this person is all about. You just learned something about this guy. You should be asking yourself; Can I live with this the rest of my life? If you can't, dump him and move on.

    Check out a free E-Book entitled "The Laws Of Dating" Pastor Mike Tucker.

    • I also agree with Orion. Have you tried calling him or are you in love with your keyboard?

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  • How about: stop texting and CALL him to find out if something is wrong.

  • He's cheating on you

  • He has been kidnapped. You must save him!

    • i appreciate the sarcasm in letting my listen to how stupid I sound, but its actually a very important question...

    • I wasn't thinking of being mean at all when I wrote it. I just wanted to make you smile. A single text is not going to be enough to annoy him. You can text him again tomorrow and see if he's around. It's more odd that he's not responding back at all.

    • alrighty thanks :)

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  • Check out my question. It has to do with the same things. The title of my question is called "Why has he stopped calling/texting?" or something like that. And look at the answers because our answers are probably very similar.

    Could he have lost his phone?

    Got it taken away from him by his parents? (If he still lives in his parent's house and it that kind of situation)

    And if he did, does he have your number memorized so that he should call you on a friend's phone or his home phone?

    And if he ignoring you:

    Why do you think he is?

    If you have an idea why and you figure he probably is ignoring you:

    Simply ask him why.

    If he doesn't answer to that and you know for sure he is ignoring you:

    Wait 48 hours since you texted him last WITHOUT texting or calling him. (Ignore him back/give him space) and I know this is kinda harsh but if he's ignoring you and does not text you back after your 48 hour deadline, he probably doesn't care about you anymore.

    But that's ^ only if you know for sure he is purposely ignoring you for something.

    But if you can't think of a reason why he would be ignoring you, consider the possibilities that he lost his phone or something.

    • I know he hasn't lost his phone, and I know he didn't get it taken away from his parents, so he is ignoring me. The thing is, I don't think its that he doesn't care about me anymore... He drove 2 and a half hours to see me this weekend as we only see each other rarely throughout the summer. I just don't know what to do.

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    • I mean, I'm pretty sure he's just busy... like takes a quick look at his phone and doesn't respond cause he's so busy... but he's one of the only people I know who can help and I just want him to answer me. It kinda hurts when he doesn't.

    • I know exactly what you mean. Try calling him and leaving him a straightforward voice mail saying I really need to talk to you about something I'm really upset and what not. If he really does care about you, he should respond to that.

  • I would try to call him, and leave him a voice mail saying

    "I hope you're okay, you have not been responding to me."

    That would be my final attempt.

  • No.

    • Let me clarify, No do not text or call him. Ball is in his court.

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    • nevermind...

      i realize the title was a different question

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