Why do guys take forever to text back?

Sometimes he texts me back right away, sometimes he takes hours lol. it's weird. He doesn't seem like the type to have his phone on himself constantly. But he texted me all day yesterday while he was at work?

I mean really, why do you sometimes take forever to respond or sometimes not respond at all?


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  • Aaaah, the mystery of the ages, my dear. It's not that they take forever to replay, but that we set our clocks thinking that time is a singular linear standard of measurement. Here's my solution:

    You know how one year for a dog is like 7 years for a person?

    Now girls ask a question -- you asked yours about 10 minutes ago. You're expecting a reply, and you get one from a girl in this case. We'll have a short repartee, perhaps today while you're still logged on to GAG.

    Guys are wired a little differently where communication is concerned.

    For every hour that you expect a text? Mete out 7 for the guy...


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  • There's so many possible answers to this. He could be busy, sleeping, not have the phone on him.

    If I'm texting a girl and I like her, I take my time to respond as to not appear desperate. I won't wait hours to respond.

    Each guy is different though. If you're really wanting to know why he takes forever to respond to your texts, ask him but do so playfully or in a flirty way. Ask him 'Why'd you take so long to reply to my message? Afraid your girlfriend might see lol?' Something like that.

  • He could be busy doing something. Some times when I'm talking to a girl I like I get a message and look at it and say I'll text back in a bit and I get distracted and I forget then Remeber. So don't get too worked up over it.


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  • this is a really common issue, and I used to think that if a guy was interested, he'd always make an effort to check his phone and reply to the girl he likes. but that's not how it works, apparently, and to this day, it still remains a mystery to me. sometimes there's nothing much we can do but wait and give them the benefit of the doubt. hopefully he's just really caught up in something. good luck!