Girls, if you don't hate or dislike a guy, why would you treat him differently than everybody else?

This girl does this to me and she just keeps telling me that its because its me. I can never get her to just be that friendly and bubbly girl she is with everybody else, I get the somewhat difficult and sarcastic girl. I ask her if I should leave her alone, she tells me she never said that and that she still wants to talk to me but when I do talk, she gets all weird, distant and puts a bunch of obstacles and when I see how everybody else talks to her so easily and she doesn't dissect every single sentence they tell them (like she does with me) makes me wonder what I'm doing wrong, any help?


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  • That has happened to me and you might not like it, but it was because I just didn't like the guy. I saw him as very immature and couldn't be myself around him.

    It might also be that she feels differently around you because she likes you. She might act like this with guys she's interested in and turn out to be kind of weird, who knows?

    You could try and ask some of her friends you're comfortable with if they can tell you how she usually acts around guys she likes, or if it's normal for her to act like that and in which situations she does it.

    • Well I'm here for advice, whether or not I like the answer is different, I just want to know what should I do. She acts like she doesn't like me so I could very well go with that but there are things that tells me that is not the case. First of all she talks to me and tries to get my attention, a lot and some people might say that any kind of attention is good. I can be talking to my friends or whatever and she will start getting all sarcastic and being a smartass towards me,looking for a response

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    • I don't mind if she is like this, she has told me this is her personality when she is with family, she has told me how she jokes around with her dad and its basically the same thing, I just wish she would show me her sweet side once in a while. She does but, not as often as I would like or as often as she shows it to others, that's why I think she doesn't like me too much :/

    • I think it's the opposite... really. I'm a little like her and I can relate to your situation. I know that when guys tell me about it, I just don't know what to do and it feels a little awkward after that. It's just me. I would totally avoid being too direct. Maybe a romantic movie will inspire her? Flowers? Something so sweet that she will feel the need to show you her romantic side.

  • Because certain people effect you in different ways. =P Is it that bothersome to you to stick around? are you guys friends? I mean I'm sure you don't act the same around everyone. Some people bring out different sides out in you more so than others. =) Maybe for better or worse. ^_^ hope it helps

    • No I don't act the same, but I usually keep a constant if I even talk to people (being friendly at approachable). SHe is not friendly (at least in the traditional way) and makes every interaction with me as difficult as it can possibly get. I know deep down she cares about me because she has helped me a lot and given me advice, but she still acts weird towards me. Are we friends? I think of her as my friend, but she tells me we are not but she is nice and friendly even with strangers.

    • maybe it's something about you that makes her feel or act that way...i mean I don't know the whole situation behind the two of you. she could like you =/

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