What’s this girls problem with me? Why does she hate me for no reason?

Ok so I’m a girl and I became friends with this other girl I met at my summer job. We formed a friendship group with a third girl.

Over the last few months, this girl has started to literally hate my guts for no reason. When I broke up with my boyfriend she was supportive and always there for me. She suggested I join her church and so I did. A lot of men at her church would approach me and talk to me. One of the men told me I looked like a famous actress. That day she stormed off without me and was very rude to me. Since then, she has always seemed very angry when I go to her church. She has started to go to my church and clings onto me. There is this guy in my group at church who I believe has a crush on me. He is very shy around me and gets nervous when I talk to him, drops things, gets fidgety.
My friend always seems to want to talk to this particular guy and she will sit in between the two of us so we don’t get to talk, and then at the end she will talk to him.

Another time i met up with her to go shopping. She manipulated me into buying her a headband by taking me to the checkout then explaining she had no money so I ended up paying for it. Then when I asked her for the money back, she was very passive aggressive and made me feel guilty for asking for my money back.

Recently I have found that she has ‘unfriended’ me on facebook and instagram, but she has kept the other girl in the group as a friend. I felt like she unfriended me to show me how much she dislikes me.

I also get compliments easily from other people. People often tell me I remind them of a ballerina and whenever they say this my friend goes quiet and looks at me angrily.
She makes passive aggressive comments about my looks too saying ‘you always have such nice clothes’ or ‘you always look good in photos’
One time I asked her if we could have a photo together and she refused saying I looked too good. She kept taking lots of photos of me though

Why does she hate me for no reason?
What’s this girls problem with me? Why does she hate me for no reason?
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