Help? My Boyfriend showed me all his ex Gfs pictures. D:

They are very Beautiful women. three of them are some type of model.

I feel super ugly & not good enough for him.

I don't know what to do.



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  • What you do, just for starters, is remember that your boyfriend is with you for a reason, and remind yourself of this as best and often as possible. But even beyond that, there are things you need to consider.

    Regarding beauty, the first thing is that, just because you think they are more beautiful than you, doesn't mean they are. Secondly beauty is not one standard set of traits or ideals, so it's very likely that you are incredibly beautiful yourself. Even then that's not what matters. Sure he may be with you for your looks, however, if they're really more beautiful than you, and even he thinks so, it doesn't mean you're ugly. What it DOES mean is that your looks are not his primary reason for dating you. Which as far as I'm concerned, is a very good thing.

    Look, just continue to be the wonderful girl he fell for in the first place. Treat him well. Just because a couple of them are models doesn't mean they're better than you. If all this really seems to be too much for you and what I've said doesn't help, why don't you talk to him about this? Maybe talk to him and ask him why he's with you, what he likes about you, things like that. You probably want to avoid asking about what you have over them unless you're feeling particularly brave, but it might help.

    Finally, after you talk to him about all that, you might want to avoid asking about his ExGFs. Also avoid asking questions for which you may never want to know the answer. It might just make you more insecure, considering this whole thing already made you feel so ugly. But for now, try not to assume the worst. Try not to assume you're ugly, or that you're not good enough for him. He's with you here and now. That should tell you something. You are good enough.

    I hope this helps a little.

    • If that's the case.. He should delete the pictures without being hesistant about it.

    • I don't disagree. I'm just not gonna make any assumptions of how he showed her the pictures9 as it could have been Facebook or something) nor am I assuming why he showed her in the first place, and even if they were on his computer or phone, I am not going to make assumptions for why he has them yet, either. I'm going to wait for question asker to clarify on some of this, if she wants.

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  • I am not sure why he is showing you these pics to start with and you might ask yourself why they are ex's.

    Moving on: 1) The pics don't mean that you are not beautiful. 2) Beauty can mean much more than physical looks -- in fact, I'll take very cute with a great personality over a drop-dead-gorgeous bitch any day. 3) Make sure you are good to each other and not much else including looks will matter. When you are both happy to just see, talk and be with each other, you can't ask for much more.


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  • Umm... What reason could he possibly have for doing such a ridiculously stupid thing? Don't even let it phase you. They are his EX gfs for a reason. You are there here and now. You don't need to do anything. My ex showed my pics to girls that he cheated on me with like a f***in retard lol Seriously.. what was his reason? That is completely pointless. Why does he still have pictures of them? Maybe you need to re-evaluate your relationship.. sounds like he's holding on to old sh*t.

    • Well, she didn't say why he did it. Though it is possible she asked. Some people don't know better not to ask. As for why he has pictures, who knows. There's a bunch of reasons. Hell it could be easy for me to track down pictures of my exes. This digital age alone makes it easy. But I'm choosing not to make too many assumptions yet. All I can say is that I agree about you one one main thing. They're his ex for a reason, and he's with her here and now. Also for a reason. That's the important part.

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    • As for other girlfriends in the past, they've dated guys who are as far as I can tell, much much better than myself, so I know it can be shocking to find out about an ex like that. I try like hell not to talk about an ex around whoever I'm dating for that exact reason. Even if they ask. It sucks. Because I have enough experience to know, you pretty much never want to know about the past. So just never ask. Wouldn't you agree?

    • I absolutely agree! I don't even talk about my ex. My ex is so far gone from my mind that it wasn't till I signed up here and started answering questions like these that I remembered his sorry ass. The past is the past and should stay that way.

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