Keeping old flings as friends when in a relationship.

How do you deal with it if you're boyfriend/girlfriend stays in contact with or stays friends with old flings.

Do you feel uncomfortable with your girlfriend/boyfriend if they continue to talk and be friends with those people?

Do you keep in contact with your old flings once you're in a new relationship?

When is it right or wrong? What's your opinion on this subject?


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  • MY current boyfriend still talks to his latest ex (yes, the one BEFORE me) until now. Honestly it annoys me, because she should be out of his life by now. I keep imagining things they have done when they were together back then... But I thought to myself that I am just being unreasonable and quite immature about this. I respect the fact that things ended on a positive note between them. I think that if me and my ex ended in good terms, we would still have our casual hi's and hello's every now and then (sadly it was a bad breakup). Anyway, I've managed to build my trust on him and believe that my boyfriend has no other intentions than to be friends with her. I'm assuming that it's coming from my insecurities that I'm jealous of this whole thing :)

    I think it's just fine to stay in touch with old flings, but there should be a certain boundary that should be kept. No secret meet ups or late night conversations. And as long as my boyfriend doesn't hide it from me, we're good ;)


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  • I can't see any propblem, maybe they was together for a long time, ans still care for each other, not in love ways, but like friends, keep in mind its hard to throw a person out of your life, with who you shared everything. Its like loosing a friend. Its doesn't mean that he/ she still have strong feelings for ex.i keep in touch with nearly all of my exes, but its doesn't mean that I want to be with them or I still love them.


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  • My girlfriend keeps in touch with her fling, they are just wapp acquaintances or sumthn. Pisses me off but have kept it to myself as much as possible.

    On raising this topic she acts as if the said person is a good and valuable friend while I know for a fact that they are little more than acquaintances. In fact she cheated on her ex with this person when the "fling" happened. Makes me contemplate dumping her for good.

    Supplementary info: I know for a fact that she is very much into me. She will not tolerate me even mentioning my exes in conversation. She was interested in the fling person but shortly after that we met.

    Any thoughts?

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