How to deal with my boyfriend who talks too much?

Whenever we talk .. he always ends up talking about gym , supplements ... etc etc for hours! .. and I all I do is listen .. I enjoy doing it because he seems so excited when he speaks .. that I don't wanna upset him and change the subject . but sometimes he won't just stop ! He never gives me room to talk.. he is the one who changes subjects and talks about them ..

The truth is that his life is much more exciting and full of stories than mine .. I don't go out and I don't have stories to share . that's why whenever I attempt to change subject ,he ends up talking .. do you guys have any tips for me ? Like how to change subject in a diplomatic way and also lead a conversation ?

We talked about this , and he tried to give me room and stuff but then he went back to normal and I don't blame him , it must be incredibly boring to talk to someone who has nothing to share ..


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  • Some research for you:

    Lonely - no one to talk to = him

    discover other ways to make him feel less lonely, so he can begin to learn how to communicate in ten words or less w/o this need to over-mouth for contentment

    His world

    He doesn't know it all, so learning from pros what he's into would give you some things to say that would make him stop & think, as well as make his yadayadayada more interesting

    I'm going to guess he thinks this workout plan is going to change his life, perhaps he includes you in this ride to the top, so there's something in this for you as well. Discover the end goal/game/fire and you might be more into all this smoke.

    You might consider going with him to this gym and even if bored (opposites attract), you will at least come home with more understanding and lots more endorphins ... leading to a more interesting life to share with him.


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  • Go do stuff and then talk about it.


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  • im the same as you. so whenever he tells me something he's really interested about, I try to pay attention as much as I can to understand. ill ask question and everything. ill stop asking when I sense that he's getting aggravated.

    so ill end up searching it myself. now we have stuff to talk about. I mean,i may not like it but I should give it a chance.

    you can't really stop a person from talking to much. that's not how it works! gym is his passion! you can't tell him to stop talking about what he's passionate about. its rude to try to change the subject too :(

    when boyfriend does that and I'm started to get bored...i say something random or I pull down my pants ha ha works every time. he just giggles and change the topic :D

  • say "damn let me get a word in, will ya?" be assertive but make it into a joke and he'll get it. if not then you may have to find a less annoying bf