Why won't he invite me over at his place ?

There's this guy I've been talking to for about 2 months and last night I told him that I'd come over at his house and he was like : "If you want me to come over to your house I'll be there ;) But my house, no way" And I was like wuuut ? Why is he so firm about me not coming over, I find it kind of suspicious, so yeah, give me your opinion on why wouldn't he want me to come over there, it's really weird...

Oh and FYI : We're both 17, and both live at our parents, so it's not like he's hiding his wife, or he has another girl living there, or like he doesn't want me to know that he still lives at mommy and daddy, none of that. It's just weird to me, like he's hiding something. BUT WHAT ? Lol

Thanks :)


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  • Have you just flat out asked him?

    It might be just simple embarrassment:

    he and his folks are perhaps such

    terrible housekeepers that the entire place

    looks like a bomb went off in it. OR, just his

    room might look like a dumpster.

    Might be also that his parent or parents try too

    hard to be welcoming or cool and end up

    coming across as nosy, hovering, or smothering.

    Did he have a previous girlfriend that maybe the

    mom and/or dad REALLY liked and might therefore

    make you feel less welcome by compariso?

    No substitute for just asking him in my opinion.


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  • His family could be crazy/odd/different? His house could be a dump? He could have a really annoying sibling? There might not be enough privacy? He might feel he doesn't know you well enough to introduce you to the family yet? He could live in a bad neighborhood? It could be any number of reasons, you can't really know why unless you ask him directly and be prepared not to judge him for whatever the reason as to why he's reluctant.


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  • Maybe he is ashamed of his home and or family, and doesn't want you to see how they live. Could just be that simple. Have him over to your home, then have a little talk with him about this.

  • Could be his parents - he just doesn't want to deal with them when you're there. Could be that he's too lazy to clean, who knows. I don't think he is being shady. Just ask him.

  • he would probably get in trouble with his parents or doesn't want them to know about you. trust me this is WAY more understandable and better than a guy who could be hiding another girl or a wife..i was in that situation

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