Why are people always trying to bring me down?

I just don't understand, why's everyone so mean to me. Always saying hurtful things. It's been like this since I was in grade 6 and it is not stopping. I always get negative comments about how I look and if it's not my looks it is my attitude. Today I was wondering why pic wasn't in the slide show at work. One chick told me it's Because the higher people that work that "probably don't like my attitude" I was so hurt (Giving the fact that they took my pic very recently and probably didn't have time to update the slide show anyway). A guy friend of mine, turned to a complete a**hole to me, telling me that I'm changing and I start crap and such. I just don't understand, why does this happen to me? I've been told I'm funny and cute, I'm very smart and hardworking. Am I not meant to be happy? I wanna be happy but I don't think it's possible with this sh*t going on.

Please share thoughts/experiences/etc.. and sorry if it's really long.


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  • Its time to start with the "F*** YOU" replies to people that want to bring you down. Be strong.


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  • The answer to this is very sad but very true, the vast majority of people in life will bring you down, it is like that for everyone and not just you. people feel better about them selves by putting other down it makes them feel superior... with that being said the best way to deal with this and remain happy is by simpaly not giving a sh*t about other peoples opinions. If they say something to put you down just keep a positive attitude give them a smile and continue about your life like it never happened because really who cares that it did. They want to bring you down to feel taller so don't let them, stand tall and strong. don't let the a**holes of the world get what they want instead ignore them and be as happy as possible. you say you want to be happy so be happy just stop caring about people that don't accept you and keep a positive attitude. the world has a habit of reflecting what you put out so if your positive you tend to get positivity in return

    • People are scumbags, I'd never try and hurt someone to feel good about myself. I have done it a few times myself I confess (in the past) but I would always feel bad after.

    • Then you are a good person, and that is why the bad people find it easy to mess with you... I know because I have been in the same situation many times. you have two options, you sink down to there level and be cruel like them (as zodiac988 suggests) which puts you in a seat of power or you denounce the whole bull sh*t social cycle that society forces on you and just stop caring about what people say or think and be happy because of you and no one else. Best of luck to you

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  • Some people can interpret peoples actions and facial expression completely differently from what they really are.

    I use to have people ask me all the time why I looked so angry all the time. (I squint a lot when bright light is in my eyes).

    I didn't even know this, but some people thought that I was really snooty and stuck up.

    I am not even close to that but for some reason I found out that if you are shy or aren't as talkative around people you don't know, and don't smile as often when you are around people, they will think you are rude and stuck up.

    You can always try to smile more often while around people, try laughing occasionally and just try to talk to people like they are your friend. Maybe they will change their view and attitude towards you.

    But if you feel like that isn't the issue, or you do try this and see no positive difference, I would assume they are just plain stuck up a**holes, and that you don't need to put up with their crap.

    • I am in the same boat as you, I'm always told that I look like a bitch and a stuck up etc. Truth is of course I'm not. I'm not shy though and I always talk to people.

      So I'm guessing yeah they are a**holes.

  • Hey there, From my experiences people will always pull you down as long as you are higher than them, in your attitude, shape, friends or whatever..Anyway the best way to take your right 1) be their friend to know how they think or their purpose or 2) Act like you don't care, smile and have fun around ! this will make them fire trust me..the 1st option will need some smart ideas anyway..I hope this helped

    • That's the thing, they're supposed to be my friends but when I actually talk to them they either tell me something that upsets me or I am ignored. I like the 2nd option better.

    • Ok dear, As you like and don't waste your time thinking of them..Just be happy and Good luck <3 Much love ! x

    • Thank you

  • I'm sorry people haven't been the nicest. The best thing you can do is to try your best to rise above the rudeness and better yourself. There are always going to be rude people, no matter how nice you are.