Is he trying to tell me something through text?

Ok, it's blatantly obvious this guy likes me, and I like him.. but its a little hard because we've become good friends and we don't want to ruin anything and no one has made the first move... but we flirt all the friggin time.

anyways... last week I had this meeting with a friend of mine (who is engaged) and my crush was conflicted because he had another thing to go to, which I understood.. no biggie but when he found out that he didn't have to go to the other thing, he texted me saying "yay! I was getting anxiety about having both events and having to choose" and I said it was okay.. he hadn't seen his other friends in a while, so it was okay... and he goes "yea, but it's urs and her's meeting" and I'm joking and saying "yeah, we're pretty special" and he goes "obviously..." with the dot dot dot and I just gave a smiley face and lol

and then today I texted him (because he's going through some stuff) and I just said that I was letting him know that I'm always around if he ever wants to talk about anything and he goes "thanks. ditto..."

Guys: is there a significance to the ellipses?

he keeps telling me his plans and where he's going to be and at the movies he made it a point to sit next me. like he asked "where are you sitting?" maybe I'm not being more clear and should just tell him-- I don't know.

but anyways... with the texts... the ellipses (that I keep using lol) what's up?


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  • Ellipses will generally mean he wants to continue texting, but doesn't know what to say, or, he doesn't want to be the only one keeping the conversation going.

    "we've become good friends "

    He probably thinks that he has been friend-zoned. You'll most likely have to make the first move if you want anything to happen. Just grab his hand in the theater or what not, he'll get the point.

    • well I don't know how to describe us, really. I never told him to his face that we've become good friends... but essential we are friends, but we've been becoming something more, at least to me.

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