Group of guys smiling and laughing whilst looking my way??

I recently met this guy at my work place he isn't a colleague he actually works in the store next to me. Anyways he's store had run out of change in there tills and was wondering whether we could help. we spoke the bare minimum but I noticed he seemed shy maybe cos I seemed more confident...I really don't know. Anyways since then we hadn't spoken to each other we practically ignore each other when we walk past even if I think he is kinda cute. Anyways I recently saw him outside my store with a group of guys they were facing my store. I was standing next to the entrance with a colleague and we were talking about something work related. When I turn around I see him and a group of others smiling and laughing and looking my way. That made me super paro so guys why do you do this what are guys talking about when you do this to a girl.


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  • -She has toilet paper stuck to her shoe.

    -They are making fun of the guy because he has a crush.

    There could be other reasons but those seem the most likely.

    • I didn't have toilet paper on my shoes lol & I doubt he has a crush on me he doesn't even make eye contact when he walks past. I thought he was making fun of me 4 some reason becos oders hav said he seems big headed so I thought maybe he was with his boys and said something along the lines of "oh look another one who finds me attractive" I say dis cos I feel like I made it obvious that I found him attractive cos I had a big smile on my face web he walked in2 my store that day.

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  • I guess if they see you acknowledging them, they're just trying to tease you a bit, just for fun.

    • Hmmmmmm but I only looked at them once and when I saw that they were smiling and laughing I didn't look at them I ignored them and carried on with my conversation?

    • I meant I didn't look at them again after that one look.

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  • .Maybe they just so happened to be looking your way? o.o probably thought you were attractive? who knows.

    • Lol that did past my mind that they could be thinking about something totally unrelated to me but just facing my way. Thanks!

    • No problem! ^.^

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