Women have it so much easier when it comes to dating: agree or disagree?

I'm starting to believe women especially today have it easier then men when it comes to dating. They don't have to worry about rejection, they don't have to worry about their job, don't have to worry about penis size, don't have to worry about the car they drive etc. So why do women and girls always say I wish I were male? Not all of them say that but most do and I just laugh. None of you ladies on here couldn't last a day as a guy. Try approaching someone you find attractive and see how rejection feels. And don't say have because we both know that's never happened.
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Thanks to everyone who answered, but I have to admit never thought this question, would get so many responses. But I have to admit its getting sicking so many people are answering and commenting lol.


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  • I am not sure how girls have it harder, they have the power to choose who they want to sleep with, who they want to be in a relationship with, or even who to be friends with. And all they do is to look "good" I mean I am not really sure how is putting make up hard and eating properly hard as well...plus it is not like we guys are not supposed to look good neither anyways.

    And those who complain about guys sleeping with them, or getting guys talking to them on the street or getting guys flirting with them are just full of sh*t...i am sure if you were a fat, ugly women they would wish otherwise...I mean it's like a rich guy complaining that he has so many cars.

    I mean you guys think have it harder because you have guys offering to just have sex with you, ohhhh waaaaaa its like a rich guy complaining he has too much money. Just think about we getting friend zoned because "she doesn't like you that way", all that effort, time, headache and even money wasted on something that was going nowhere.

    And honestly all they have to do is to tell a guy that they don't want sex...big deal, that was toooo hard...it only took 10 seconds.

    • plus all of those girls that whine about jerks and players are the same ones that don't do anything to get the nice ones either...it's a spoiled brat argument.

      Also on average women have more sex partners do in their lifetime...yeah can you believe that?

    • Totally agree brother.

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  • Only if you're drop-dead gorgeous. That's the thing, really. Guys compare their experience as average guys to the experience of really hot girls because those girls are all they notice. The girls who fall short of 9 on an 10 point scale go unnoticed by guys, while most guys get noticed by girls.

    Also, on what planet do women not have to face rejection? Women chase just as much as men do these days because most men are to chicken to approach a girl. We might not have to worry about penis size, but we have to worry about breast size and our overall body weight, two things which we can't hide until we get into the bedroom. And yeah, on some level we have to worry about material possessions. Maybe not cars but clothes and makeup are a big factor. What guy is going to want to go out with a girl who can only afford ill-fitting clothes from Walmart or can only by cheap makeup? Guys don't think about those things on the surface level but it sure as hell effects their subconscious.

    Seriously, why do guys think women have it so freaking easy? That we just sit around looking gorgeous and guys just walk up and give us everything we want? Get a clue.

    • WOW if you believe all that crap you just said, I feel sorry for you. Its funny how you call guys chicken to approach girls, well sweet heart how would you fell if guy after guy kept rejection you? As for breast size what a load of crap. I've never meet or spoken to any guy who's dumped a girl because her breasts were to small or to big. Last time I checked you can't get a girl pregnant by f***ing her breasts. If the guy is 2 inches long it will be harder to get a girl pregnant.

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    • Dude is right, most men don't look at a girls chest. They look at the face first, then the lower body second, as a thicker lower body for a women means she is healthy and equipped to bare a child then one's with a slimmer lower body. It's the laws of attraction set very their so we can procreate.

  • Women have it so much easier when it comes to dating agree or disagree?

    I disagree as I doubt women have it so much easier than men in finding a partner they want who wants them back.

    In my opinion having it easier when it comes to dating depends on physical attractiveness, wealth, and status not gender. I think gals have it so much easier when it comes to getting sex with random strangers without paying hence why many guys would agree gals have it easier as it seems sex with little effort/money is the dating goal of many guys.

    So why do women and girls always say I wish I were male?

    Likely the gals who say that do so because they think being male means being seen as part of the perceived superior gender, having more respect, being valued for more than youth/beauty, rarely being slut-shamed, and getting the benefits of certain double-standards.

    ""None of you ladies on here couldn't last a day as a guy. "

    I highly doubt that most likely some gals would enjoy being a guy and essentially not being a target for sexual assault, sexual harassment, and street harassment as it seems guys generally go unnoticed in the sexual sense.

    • Nice post. but I want to tackle a few things:

      -Slut-shaming (which in my experience, is mostly between women) is replaced with creep shaming. Now the stigma has legal implications, and now you're expected to make a move regardless of this.

      -Perceived as part of a superior gender. By who? There seems to be this rumor that any man is incredibly powerful. As a result, even the least powerful of men are often looked at with distrust by default.


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    • being desperate hurts guys more than girls too also

    • @IHateBeingaMan

      I highly doubt that.

      Desperate gals likely hurt gals more than desperate guys since gals are told that they have it easy thus if they fail they have little to soften the blow unlike guys who if they fail have 'it's hard' to soften the blow.

      Desperate guys would likely hurt gals more than guys as it seems guys desperation often leads to violence against gals such as rape, sexual assault, physical assault, and murder ala George Sodini and such.

  • I think women have it easier in the dating scene because guys have to approach and pay for the date, well gentlemen do anyway. And yea. But I guess if you are a really confident guy then its not hard for you to approach women and if you are like rich then paying for the date won't be all that hard either lol. But generally I think yes men have it harder.

    I disagree when it comes to rejection,and their job. Women are also afraid of rejection. I am a little bit scared of rejection, just because a guys at first finds me attractive doesn't mean he will like my personality so I worry about that and my appearance not being good enough. And about the job, I care because I wanna be able to be independent, I don't wanna be called no golddigger or live off the back off others! Plus its nice to have money and take the guy out and pay, I think guys would appreciate that. Ur right women don't worry about penis size, but women are critical of weight and cup size. Plus the media is harsh on women's body too! So women are worrying about that.

    • I mean for a smart guy( because theirs a lot of men out their with low morals) we wouldn't start turning away from a women due to her personality, but simply how she views things. Nobody likes to be around somebody negative.

    • Agreed and women are called sluts just for talking to a guy or dressing sexy

  • Generally, yes we do have it easier. I agree that a woman doesn't have to worry so much about her status and individual wealth, or whether or not she's funny and charming. She may not be the best looking or charismatic, but as long as she's not a bitch, she'll be able to land a guy with minimal effort, perhaps not the best-looking guy or the one with the most assets, but still.

    However, I disagree when you say that we don't have to worry about rejection, or our jobs.

    My future career is actually something I worry about every day, because in today's society, a woman cannot depend on a man for support her whole life. Things just aren't the way they used to be; American culture has changed.

    And I'm one that believes that if you want something, sometimes you gotta put in some effort and go out there and get it. That includes guys. For a long time I was getting approached by guys I just wasn't attracted to. So I recently resolved to start doing the approaching, cause you never know who finds you attractive but actually thinks that you wouldn't be interested or thinks you're already taken.

    So yes, I do worry about rejection.

    "So why do women and girls always say I wish I were male?"

    Well I say it because it seems less complicated. less involved. Get up in the morning, throw on some clothes, no makeup to do, no intensive hair styling. No stress over making sure your outfit looks good. Don't have periods, don't have childbirth, don't have to be pregnant for 9 mo, don't have to worry about staying home with the kids. Can move up in your career unhindered. No glass ceiling. Not to mention, stronger, taller.

    But then being a girl is special too, because we hold the power really. Having a vagina...one of the most coveted things in the entire world, next to money.

    • I like the part where you just say "can move up in your career unhindered". Do you realize how much work it takes to have a great careeer and move up. It's not just "oh hey I feel like putting in 10 more minutes of effort at my job each day so that I can become a CEO next month". Everything else you say though I agree with.

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    • women make such a big deal out of periods and pregnancy

    • and being socially-awkward-, socially-inept, quiet, shy, timid, passive, girls get a free pass for that, guys do not

  • disagree, or I guess it depends on what you want. If you just want to get laid, I'm sure we have it easier but for actual relationships we have our problems too.

    Of course we know what rejection feels like. A lot of us have asked someone out before and got rejected. And of course we get dumped too or a guy doesn't want to go on a second/third date with us.

    I don't know if we have to worry about our job for dating, but we do. Of course we want a decent job, not only for dating, but in general. And ya we may not worry about penis size but we worry about everything else on our body. Our boobs, stomach, arms, tummy, bum, legs, feet, hands,private area... Worry about if you skin is completley hairless and smooth (you have no idea how much work that is).

    There also is a huge double standart regarding women and having sex. Later on we have a much harder time balancing career and children. We have to spend a huge amount of time and enormous effort on losing that pregnancy weight.

    And I don't really know why guys always complain about women wanting a variety of qualities from them. That's a huge advantage, because it means if you lack in one area you can make up for it with something else. From what I understand looks is the main factor after which men choose their partners, so we have to exceed in that area (a lot of it we have no influnece on) and chance to make up for it. That is way worse

    • A lot of what you say we men have to do it too: Getting rejected, we also have to worry about our job and yes men do care about the way they looks too, that is why we often go to the gym a lot as well. And come on getting their hair waxed or shaved, how long does that take? 30 min tops? pleaaaseee and you don't do it everyday either.. And that pregancy weight is gain because women become lazy (just as men too) so I am not sure where you are coming with that...

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    • 30 min? no If you do it yourself and do entire legs and bikini area and you don't want to pay 150$ for it so you do it yourself you'll need about 2 hours, and sometimes need to do it again the day after

      I know that men have many of those problems too, I responded to what was asked in the question saying we have those issues too,you saying that men have it too is very redundant

      Pregnancy weight from being lazy? if you're so ignorant there is probably no point in telling you but

    • you gain weight during pregnancy so the baby can grow healthy. Gaining 10 - 25 lbs of fat is considered healthy. And losing it afterward is also difficulty because your body doesn't want to lose it, so we can safley breastfeed.

      In general it's much harder for women to lose weight, because our bodies are designed to store fat, men's bodies are designed to be lean

  • I think it's easier because women aren't the ones who have to take any action really. All we have to do is look pretty, be ourselves, and put ourselves out there. Guys have to chase and try and do everything right to get a girl. And they have to make sure not to come on too strong or seem like a creep. I'm happy I'm a girl cause that doesn't sound fun.

    • This I just talking about getting the initial date. I agree with the other people that the rest of the process is equally hard for men and women.

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    • Yes. I know. Just remember girls have to try, too.

    • i still don't logically see how girls need confidence or social-skills, since they don't have to approach

  • What...?

    This is one of the most ignorant things I've ever read.

    We don't have to worry about our jobs? Or cares? Are you kidding me?

    Really we have it much harder than guys when it comes to relationships mainly because we have to sort out the guys who are just wanting to have sex with you and the ones who actually really do like you for you.

    A girl coming up to a guy, unless he's drop dead hunk, isn't really only interested in sex, a few are like that maybe, but not a lot, and even if that was the case most of the time the guy isn't really going to be disappointed if she only wants sex.

    This isn't the case with girls.

    • You do you think your kidding?

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    • I agree with most of what you said...the genders are not quite as far apart as how they view things (imo) but yeah..I am on board with your answer...(:(:(:

    • But still, you do have the certainty of being desired and of having dates, at least. You do have the power of choosing, among the at least dozens of guys who ask you out, whom do you want to keep dating because you find him the most interesting guy. Much more than what I, as an insecure, needy, cold and boring guy, could ever say about my chances with women.

      Maybe the asker's choice of words was not the luckiest. Sure, finding a good partner is hard for everyone. Perhaps it is more precise to say that men have it way more difficult than women to even be liked to begin with.

  • Disagree. Actually, it depends on the hotness of the person. Dating is hard for ugly or socially awkward people. Well, I still think girls have it harder because they spend more time grooming themselves, like putting on makeup and doing their hair. Guys just shower and go. But girls have to blow dry, dye hair, straighten hair, make hairstyles, have lots of pretty clothes like dresses and skirts and shorty mc short shorts and high heels. Guys just wear jeans, T-shirt, sneakers, and go. Guys don't have to shave their legs or armpits or upper lip hairs. Guys don't have to sit down to pee or wipe their vaginas after peeing. Guys don't bleed waterfalls out of their penises 1/4 of their lives.

    Guys worry about penis size. But girls worry too, about breast size, butt size, leg size, fatness, prettiness of hair, clothes, makeup. And also, the first thing a girl sees in a guy is not their penis. So they do not really care unless you are planning to have sex with the girl. Penises are not publicly visible, but breasts are. Why do so many girls get breast implants but guys don't get penis implants?

    • Because I've heard penis implants hurt lol.

    • I like your aswer it makes me feel good as a man.

    • Listen girl, we are talking about the ability to have a relationship any type of relationship. Woemn in general can just walk down the road and they'll find a guy hitting on them. Due to the fact that the guys do most of the approaching, even socially awkard women have a chance to get into some kind of relationship. Socially awkward dudes, well. . ., they just stand there all alone, never having a date. ALl this talk about woemn worrying about the size od this or the size of that does not negate the fact that 19 times out of 20 the women are the ones who get approached, so this gives them the option of CHOOSING whether to intereact with ethe man or not.

  • Okay, so I've personally seen this question on this site like five times.

  • If we're calling dating, "the act of getting a date regardless of whether it turns into a serious relationship or not," sure, women as a whole have it easier, primarily if they're attractive.

    But if we're talking about finding someone you're incredibly compatible with and having a healthy relationship with them, no one has it easy at all. If any person meets all of the materialistic "prerequisites" that they're paranoid about having in order to impress people they want to date, is that guaranteed to get them happiness at some point? I think you'd have to worry even MORE... Hot girls and rich guys are often both paranoid about being used.

    • girls don't need to be secure, they don't need to be comfortable and content with themselves, they don't need to have things going for them in their life in order to be girlfriend material

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    • well it's rare finding a girl who will accept an insecure guy

    • sorry but the complaints you mention, while valid and true, sound like first world problems to us.

  • Disagree all we tend to find is players well at least I do

    • Regardless of who you end up with, it was still easier to find a date initially if you're a girl.

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    • You don't even know me, so you're ranting makes no sense. FYI I'm actually really shy around people especially women. Its not my fault I was born male and its also not my fault you dress like a cheap $2.00 dollar slut. And lastly who are you too talk all you have to do is say next to someone you don't like and move on. Like some here said girls don't need confidence as much as guys do.

    • girls don't need social skills or conversation skills since they don't have to do the approaching

  • I beg to differ. Many girls gets rejected worse then men. Some go and have sex with a guy they think liked then WHAM they don't talk to them anymore. If a girl doesn't dress a certain way, act a certain way, or look a certain way guys won't even give her a second glance. Girls are more insecure about their bodies then men. Many women are always being looked down at jobs. We have a lot more problems then you think. Finding a date has to do with yourself and not the person you're trying to get with.

    It all has to do with how you carry yourself. Yeah, sure, money and nice things may attract the hotties you may want to get with, but a girl who really knows who you are will like you for you and not what you got.

    • This ^ deserves a prize for the dumbest answer I've ever heard. Many girls gets rejected worse then men. Are you F'N serious? With this statement or anything you just said? OK so what your saying is even if I dress and smell like a bum, I'm still gonna attract women? LMFAO you know that ain't true. And FYI I've seen some ugly women with BF's.

  • Well I don't wish I was a guy but yes I have been rejected. Multiple times. You can believe me or not but its true and I'm sure I'm not the only woman who has been. I think it's true that women can get a hookup easier than a man but dating and serious relationships are a whole other beast. And why wouldn't a woman need to worry about her job? I'm pretty sure I have the same bills as everyone else and settling down with someone won't change that. Sorry if you're feeling bitter but hardly anyone has it easy-guy or girl.

    • I mention job because there's a good chance the guy, will need to make more money. Lets be honest if you find a rich guy your set for life, but if your a guy and marry some rich women guess what you scam and a dead beat.

    • IF a woman happens to get a guy with money yeah she probably will be taken care of, however typically both people need to work to afford the necessities(or at least that's the majority of couples I know). Planning on marrying a rich guy isn't really a stable or realistic plan and I doubt MOST women have that as thier end goal.

    • the point is this: everyone finds difficult to find a steady relatioship, guys and girls, but girls have more opportunities in the first place. Women complain how do I KEEP a guy, men complain how do I find a girls at all. In average, it's way easier for girls. There are exceptions either side, but that's why they are called exceptions.

  • Neither party has it easier. It's just that at times the grass looks greener on the other side

  • single guys looking to get laid have a worse chance of getting what they want a girl in the same situation... girls trying to maintain relationships, have it worse then guys trying to do the same thing ...

  • no, we really don't. consider all the social stigma attached to us dating, add in the bullsh*t we have to put up with from men/ boys (yes I know guys have the same issues when it comes to women), then there is the maneuvering of the "sex games" . Frankly I am skeptical of the whole dating game - Too much drama, games, emotional backlash and unnecessary expectations that are very often broken.

  • I think that both genders are equal. Its seems to be harder to find that potential mate who would make a good husband or wife. Some of might had our heart broken too many times or had a traumatic experience where they we raped or molested some point of their lives

  • I think this is a case of the "grass is greener."

    I think men and women may wrongfully perceive one gender has having an advantage over the other in the game of love. But in reality, we all struggle with issues that aren't always unique to our sex.

    Everyone deals with rejection and the uncertainty of wooing those we find attractive. Don't kid yourself.

  • You're acting like women just have to sit around and wait for a guy to whisk them away...it doesn't work like that. Women are constantly worried about whether they are pretty enough, smart enough, funny enough, ect. Plus, since when are men the only ones who have to approach? Us ladies approach guys to and both sides have to deal with rejection.

    About the not worring about thier job thing, are you kidding? It's not like when I'm dating someone I expect them to buy me everything. I still have to have a job, pay my rent, pay my bills, buy things, ect.

    This is a ridiculous post.

    • If its so ridiculous why did You answer it? Wrong women only go after the douche bag looking guys, Guys don't care how pretty she is or how smart she is, As long as he gets her # and in her pants. She can be dumber then a box of rocks but as long as she as T&A he could careless. As for rejection I believe for every one women that gets rejected by a guy 10 guys are getting recjected by a woman, And its more likely the guy needs to make more money.

  • They don't have to worry about rejection - well unless the woman approaches not initially but she will definitely feel rejected if he breaks up with her

    they don't have to worry about their job - this isn't the 50s. women have jobs. I don't think guys want to date a woman who has either no job or a really bad one unless she's really pretty and has an amazing personality. in the long run, wouldn't a man want a woman who can help pay for things and not just leave him with the job?

    don't have to worry about penis size - yeah well they have to worry about the size of just about everything else now with society's crushing expectations

    don't have to worry about the car they drive - do women actually date guys based on the car they drive what

    Really, the only thing women have an advantage with is the initial approaching. And nowadays, that is changing. I know many girls who approach guys. Everyone has to worry about what they look like, how much money they have, and all the rest.

    • Women hardly ever get rejected, If a woman decided to quite her job tomorrow her BF/Husband couldn't call her out because if he did word would spread and every feminists would have him arrested for being controlling. And the only time I've seen women approach guys if when he looks like a douch bag.

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    • Can't take a joke I see? Like I said imaginary friends don't count.

    • i don't know if you're joking or not- this is the internet. I hope you're not

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  • once again.. we see what a bunch of whiny p**** guys inhabit this board..

    the only "hard" part for a guy is getting over being a wimp. for a girl she has to make herself look pretty for hours, picking out clothes, makeup, etc because they are judged by looks first and personality second.

    a guy can be ugly, smell bad, old, have NOTHING going for him and still get a good looking girl if he is confident... it is not the same for a girl though.

    • lol so many nerves struck.. you guys are f***ing pansies

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    • "get over being a wimp"... the kind of stupid, useless and meaningless macho bravado I would expect from a drill sergeant. which is still irrelevant, when you realize that women are pursued by dozens of charming confident guys against whom, boring insecure guys like me don't stand a chance.

      Although it is true that if we "get over being a wimp" we can find some women to talk to for a while.

    • @IHateBeingaMan Actually that happens all the time.

  • Absolutely, positively agree. Women can sit back, do nothing, and have who knows how many guys flirting with them and chasing them without lifting a finger. And they whine about getting only players and jerks when they make no effort at all to pursue decent guys.

  • My comment probably won't win best answer because it is disagreeing with yours, but I'll be honest. Women don't have it "much easier" than men. I don't think either gender has it easier or harder. Sure each gender has different difficulities and expectations set for them to meet, but in the end, it is how the individual person handles them.

    A woman would probably have an easier time getting laid, because many guys are desperate, but as far as dating, not as much.

    Women have to put on make-up, do their hair, do their nails, put on nice clothes and spend a lot of time to look presentable. Most men can just put on jeans, a t-shirt after a quick shower and be ready.

    Women have to worry about rape, date rape and physical abuse. It happens to men too, but not nearly as much.

    Women can have some insecurities with their bodies as well. And just like men, and probably to a greater extent, if you are overweight, you will have more difficulty dating. And it is harder for women to maintain their weight than men can, since men by nature have more muscle and less fat than women.

    Yes, women have an easier time FINDING a date than men. But women have a harder time finding a GOOD date.

    • Like this because it's true. If I wanted someone for the night or for a single date, no problem, yes, girls have it easier there. But finding a good guy is hard.

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    • Just butting in to "ditto" what sweet_18 said... I personally know several women who have been raped or were victims of attempted rape, myself included. That doesn't even count lesser degrees of sexual assault. People must not confide in you often, @girlsareconfusing >_>

    • @tadpole25 : I agree with you, and I'd probably give you BA ^^

  • I strongly disagree.

    By in large, women seek out men for financial resources, security, and stability, whereas men seek out women for sex and personal services. So, the relationship between men and woman is that of an employer and an employee, where men are the employers and women are the employee. Men are looking for the hot young prospect, among a constantly updated pool or skill and talent. Women are looking for the right combination of the highest bidder, most secure, and most stable job they can land.

    The norm or status quo in this job market is that employers initiate the interview and hiring process. Unless an employer approaches an employee and expresses his interest in potentially hiring her, the woman will be unemployed. Because of the norm or status quo, women who initiate the hiring process feel desperate or negative about themselves, because it implicitly communicates to employers that no other man was interested in her. So, women are really stuck in the position of waiting for a man to initiate the hiring process.

    This norm allows men to broaden their range of options and have enormous leverage and negotiating power over women in the dating market. This is compounded by the fact that scarcity works against women. The value of quality men will only appreciate with time, making their bargaining power greater. The value of quality women will only depreciate with time, making their bargaining power less.

    Now, the game, as many people have already said, largely depends on what cards you are dealt. As a woman, if you aren't dealt any boobs, or butt, or hot body, or nice face cards, you're probably not going to get many high quality employers approaching you. Similarly, as a man, if you aren't dealt any rich family, smart, nice face, nice body, or wealth cards, you're probably not going to get many high quality employees to be interested in working for you.

    I'm not done, it gets worse. A woman can only draw a limited number of cards to help her otherwise unfortunate situation: breast implants, and diet. That's really about it, because as soon as she starts drawing cards like: liposuction, botox, etc. she's just hurting her chances even more. A guy can draw way more cards to help his unfortunate situation: education, hard work, working out, diet, social intelligence, emotional intelligence, etc.

    All I'm saying is, if dating were a casino game, it would be a game designed to take women's money, because the house odds are stacked in men's favor and against women.

  • If a girl is average or above average looks, she has it much easier than your average guy in terms of looks/status/personality/confidence, etc. Women prefer above average in at least a couple of those categories. Men are much more likely to settle than women are without feeling unhappy. There's a reason why average guys get ignored on dating websites, don't get asked out in person, etc. Being average as a guy is NOT good enough, whereas for a girl, if she has an average looks and average personality, plus makes an effort to broadcast she's single and interested, she'll have a much easier time getting a boyfriend than "average man" will return.

  • Anyone who disagrees is being delusional

    There are definitely differences in terms of looks etc.

    But the average girl compared to the average guy, yes has a much easier time dating

  • I don't think women have it easier when you look at every aspect of dating. Of course they enjoy the fact that most of the time they will be approached and ultimately get to issue the rejection as opposed to receiving it, but when you look at other aspects of dating, you will find that in many cases they actually have it harder than men.

    When a guy prepares for a date, he pretty much has to shower, groom and wear something presentable for the date. He has to try and maintain balance in the conversation, read queues and try to stay within certain boundaries not to stray past either side. He doesn't want to come off too strong and overbearing, but he doesn't want to get friend zoned either for being too passive.

    Women on the other hand, have to wash and their grooming entails so much more, because they often feel they have to live up to certain expectations of what the public image for beauty is. They want to make sure they don't dress up or dress down for the type of function that the date will entail. They have to apply make-up, in the right balance. They have to work with their hair . They have to make sure that what they do achieves a balance of comfort and practicality.

    While I think that dating isn't easy for either gender because of the generalized roles each has to play I do feel that once a guy has gotten past the first move situation, it's pretty much down hill from there.

    • Also, while a guys have to do things right, to trigger her interest and then her attraction, women have be good at reading a guy. So a guy that is bad at dating gets no girl, a woman that is bad at dating gets fooled by bad guys... And there is the saying " is better to be alone than in bad company" so I think women don't have it easy.

  • The day women finally can say "I ask a ton of guys out and they always say no" is when they can have it equally hard in the dating world as guys. And you know what? That'll be very unlikely to happen.



  • It's even worse if you are a disabled man. Most women reject a guy because he can't drive a car no matter what the reason. I almost got a date with someone who was MBTA accessible, but she insisted I have a car and I told her I can't get a license and she dumped me. Well, like I say on Facebook, Karma's a bitch and she'll get hers. Shallow women end up with bruisers for boyfriends.

  • When young yes, when older, no.

    This link really spells it out backed by data:


    • i read it, a lot of it was implying that older women don't necessarily have it harder than older men do

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    • Well it's sad that people don't believe this. It just means there are a bunch of men who, when they hit thirty, will be duped into marrying the first thirty year old woman that shows interest, even if there are far better options out there.

    • Nah. The guys I know at 30 are well aware of what they have.

      Me? Married at 23.

  • my sister broke up with a guy and then like a week later she found another guy, like wtf.

  • women do have it easier...they can get sex whenever they want..men not so much

  • I'm not complaining I think I have it it easier.

    Compared to all of the guys I think women mostly have it easier, but the thing is they stress out way too much. So It almost evens out cept not really.

    Women can choose who to give there stupid p**** too... That's all there is to it.

  • In reality, neither side has it easier. Rejection really isn't any fun for either side unless you're just toying around with someone's feelings just for 'kicks' like some people, male and female like to do. Nobody ever said it was going to be easy.

  • No I do not agree...they merely have a different POV...do you worry about being raped or murdered?

    • Men are 71% of the murdered and the primary target for violence, muggings, thefts, etc. technically, if women should be consistently nervous about being sexually assaulted, men should be wearing straitjackets for mass paranoia.


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    • @OpenClose

      yeah but we are murdered and such by other guys mostly, not by women.

      However, women are harrassed, stalked, or worse yet by us guys, especially guys who are somehow interested in them.

    • @carlo dude: you are greatly diminishing how horrible an experience is rape. rape is several, several times worse than getting in a fight for a woman. I think rape is way worse even than murder, and only comparable to kidnap or systemic torture. (well, rape is a kind of torture)

      And, quite frankly, I find it pretty disgusting to discuss rape statistics as if they were just numbers. In my opinion, a single rape is tragedy enough.

      Sorry, I'm also an unatractive mysoginistic loser but this is too much even for me.

  • This is so useless and ridiculous. 6 girls and 49 guys voted YES and 31 girls and 7 guys voted NO. What does that tell us? Absolutely nothing.

    My personal opinion is definitely NO though.

  • In a way it is easier for beautiful women to piggyback off of a successful man's back and have an easy life then vice verse but men are still stronger, more direct when it comes to thinking, more boisterous, stubborn in good ways (also in bad ways), dominating, leading, adventurous. Now most women don't like to admit that guys have it harder in life but when on average men die younger than women it's hard to argue.

  • Not to mention girls can be chubby and any race and still get dates. Then girl wonder why guys are a**holes because everything is against us!

  • The tables turn dramatically when men hit their late 20s, and women hit their early 30s.

    • u sure about that?

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    • how can I find out if it gets harder for women as they age?

    • well, it does makes sense. due to work and such, women have a smaller social circle then so they are not pursued by the dozens of charming confident guys who pursued them before (against whom the likes of me don't stand a chance), also quite a lot of these guys at that age are in serious relationships.

      which means they must either lower their standards significatively and date guys who in their 20's they would at best have felt pity for, or prefer to be single.

  • Of course they have it easier than men. I'm not saying that it is a walk in the park, but it truly does come down to they are mostly suppose to just "show up" for dates. As guys are spending time developing idea's, concerns, and planning the entire thing 95% of the time.

    My experiences from the women I've dated, observed, and taken notice to. Have all shown signs of at least a 50% decrease in stress towards dating. The ones who stress tend to be ones who are insecure in who they are, and thus spend 5 hours trying to find an outfit that fits their body to which isn't currently ready for swimsuit season quite yet.

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