Should I give up on my girlfriend?

The last time she talked was 5:35 am yesterday morning, she said, "I love you boo." Since then, I haven't heard from her since and I'm getting frustrated with her. I'm so angry with her the next time she calls me I just want to tell her, "We're done, don't call me or text me anymore you neglectful bitch!" I'm just that mad at her. Part me wants to let her explain, but another part wants me to make her suffer and dump her without letting her explain. She also says her, "phone is dead due to not having a charger, her minute phone has no minutes, and her laptop doesn't work properly" she's full of sh*t! I'm thinking about giving up on her completely this time and cut off communication with her permanently because this is the second time she's done this (she claims she didn't have WiFi). What do I do because I'm so pissed off right now!


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  • Yes, those are definitely excuses. If any, one of them is true. It's very unlikely that all of those is honestly the truth. I hate guys who are like this too, but this does NOT mean she doesn't not care about you or not love you anymore.

    Give her another 24 hours (if you keep texting her to ask her what's going on, it will only make her want to ignore you even more because she thinks you're being controlling or clingy and girls hate to be controlled by men so definitely wait 24 hours - it will work!) but if she still hasn't contacted you in any way, don't break up with her - that's the worst mistake you can make because after that, she will never want to talk to you again.

    Instead, say something like "care to explain why you're ignoring me? or do you not want to be in a relationship with me? because I'm not wasting my time on someone who doesn't wanna talk to me or be with me" that SHOULD get her attention.

    Oh and you definitely need to be cautious about her because it's very very bad (this has happened to me with a lot of guys and I found out he was cheating) that she is only contacting you at 5 am..

    I hope I helped! Good luck..

    • I just told her that you probably cheat on me all the time anyways!

    • Why didn't you listen to me? lol wait 24 hours to say anything or she will want to ignore you more! And don't accuse her of anything yet like in front of her - you shouldn't have said that. Just wait 24 hours and say something like I said to say ^ to her a day from now. Trust me, it will work.

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  • NO! That is a HORRIBLE thing to do! Do you realize how utterly clingy you are being? People don't have to talk every single day to maintain a relationship. It is also very possible that her phone was dead, etc. so she couldn't call. give it a weak before you freak out!

    Meanwhile, a rule that stands true for just about anything:

    Never act when you are angry. Your first impulse when you are angry will mess something up. almost always. You need to try to calm down. Take a deep breath, and try and see things from her perspective. If you still decide to confront her, then ask her calmly why she couldn't take the time to call you. Don't yell at her, don't tell her you're breaking up with her, and definitely don't make her wonder why the heck you hate her all of a sudden.

    • My aunt called me twice, so I got off the phone with her. Now she wants to throw a bitch fit! I'm sick of this sh*t!

  • You're going to drive her away completely with that attitude. I know you're really frustrated but you need to cool off bro. Just try to find time to do other things to get your mind off of her. Go out with friends, practice your hobbies, immerse yourself in your school books. I mean, she DID say she loves you right? So it's not like she's wanting to distance herself from you. She wouldn't have said that if that were the case. Ya know, maybe try distancing yourself from HER for a change. See how she responds. If she gets worried then you'll know that you're still important to her.

  • Huh? First of all, calm down! Don't get mad so easily. Things do happen and you shouldn't have that short of a leash on your girl. You're mad because she didn't contact you? Why don't you try calling her?

  • You know you say this like every week? You need to find a life apart from your girlfriend. It's been one day and you're freaking out. It seems to me like you aren't cut out right now to handle a relationship. To be honest if I were your girlfriend and you were like this towards me, I'd dump you without hesitating.

    • What did I do? How would you feel if your boyfriend didn't talk to you for an entire day

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    • Do you think you might be manic depressive? I'm not saying this to be mean but for real, from what I've seen from a lot of your posts, you seem to definently have signs.

    • Lol no I don't

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  • I think you're right

    Stay away from the girl forever, leave her alone. Other women too.

  • I would. I give up on a girl if she flakes like this too often

  • Always remember rule #1.

  • have a snickers! it'll help


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