How many days before should I confirm a date?

I need to send her the details, which I assume will also serve as a reminder that we're on, since it was scheduled a while ago. I was thinking of confirming it 3 days before (considering I still need to give specific details). Is that good? I don't want it too soon, but not too late either.


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  • That is a good idea. Either to make you sure that she is available on that day or to let her know that you are serious asking her out for a date. I think you also need to "remind" her again in the morning on the intended date. Good luck.

  • I would say the day before would be best. Three days is too early cause she may get scared that you forgot about it if she doesn't hear from you the day before.

    It would also be good on the day of the date (if it's at night) just to send a text that says I look forward to our date, or I'll see you at 7 or something casual to let her know that it's still on.

    It will win you major points and show that you are courteous and really want to have her company!

    • day before seems too late for me. Like I said, the details haven't been ironed out yet. If everything was set in stone, day before seems OK, but if I tell her earlier than that, then I'll be able to make sure she fits me in.

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