Guy flakes twice, should I drop him?

After a pretty good first date to the movies, we try to plan a second date. So a week or so later we plan to go out to dinner but the day of the date he says he's working late and can't make it. Then during the weekend he asks if I want to meet up for dinner the day of but I'm like 'no, I already have plans, please make plans with me a few days in advanced so i can make sure im free'. We reschedule for next week same day and the day of he's not responding to my texts about confirming its still on (I sent 2). Finally a few hours before the date I sent him a third text saying I am assuming its not still on since he didn't confirm with me and then he says he's sick and can't make it. Seems lame. Should I give him one more shot or drop him?
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  • I promise, if a guy is into you, he will call off work, ditch his friends, leave his grandmother funeral (maybe after the main ceremony is over), or take a ton of drugs to get over being sick just to make it there to see the girl they're lucky enough to go out with. And if you aren't convinced, let me assure you, a date to the movies is not a date. It's an environment where he doesn't have to talk to you, so to me not really a date. And now he bailed on you twice. You really are a nice person, because I suspect I lose any chance with a girl if I miss even one date at the beginning. Drop him, but don't feel too bad about it.

    • Thanks, this helps a lot an i kinda figured they would! im just really frustrated cuz this has happened to me numerous times and i dont know why... im not ugly or anything and when i go out on a date i prefer to talk to the person

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    • Honestly any thing is good. Whatever it is, just make sure you keep the conversation going. Sports is a good one, or working out

    • ok, thanks again :)

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  • Drop him now.


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  • I think you already know what the answer is going to be, don't you?

    • Well I want to drop him but one of my friends said give him another chance so no I did't lol

  • I'd give him one last chance and tell him that it is his last. If he messes up again, then I would drop him


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