How to get my boyfriend to kiss better, and be more dominant

I am in a new relationship with this guy, and he really likes me, I was his first kiss. everything has been perfect so far, except that he is a terrible kisser, and he is a little bit shy. I want him to be dominant, and everything, any tips?


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  • Well I know it sounds cliche and you may not want to do it but you got to communicate. I see you are under 18 and I assume he is too and you are probably both extremely shy and inexperienced which is understandable. If you are his first girlfriend do not be mad but you have to help him and tell him in a sincere way when you are both alone that you like him but you want to practice kissing so you can get better. do not say he's bad just say you wanna make it sexy and try different things, etc.Whether through trial and error or watching videos on the net of how to kiss, etc. Afterall practice makes perfect.

    If you want him to be more dominant too it is best to tell him as well. Also for him to be more dominant perhaps you should try to be dominant in the beginning so he gets the hint that you are sexual and desire him. Desire evokes desire in the other person.Sometimes for a guy, especially if he is super shy, will get very turned on be a aggressive woman and will turn him on where he wants to be dominant and start taking me it works. But if you are that shy then tell him you want him to do whatever it is you want him to do. Guys are not mind readers...most guys are pretty clueless especially at that age.

    But as I said either say it out loud and communicate or whatever action you want him to do you do it yourself. It is not unladylike. In fact in this day and age many guys love aggressive women who make the first move and dominate--trust me it is not emasculating at all but quite liberating...good luck.


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  • Kiss him again.

    And again

    And again.

    Until he's good. Kissing takes practice. As he kisses more, he'll get better. Getting better will boost his confidence. Boosting his confidence will make him more dominant.


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