He will text me and start a conversation, then stop replying midway.

okay so I have a guy that I'm into and I'm pretty sure he's into me, he's been dropping very heavy hints. but recently he does this thing where he will text me and start a conversation then stop replying midway. not even after the conversation has died down, just like out of the blue and abruptly. but if I ever forget to text him back he will text me again and ask why I haven't replied or he will call me etc. I honestly don't know why he does this, it's kind of starting to annoy me since it's happening almost every day now and I'm not even the one who starts the convos.. he is. and I feel like if you don't wanna talk or you're busy then why start a convo in the first place.

would it be OK if I just don't put time and effort into replying anymore since I know he's not gonna reply back or is that being overdramatic? lol honest answers please! :) thanks


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  • This can all be avoided if you were to just call each other instead of texting.

    • yeah but I can't control that... he starts the text conversations with me lol I like talking on the phone better

    • Yea you can, just be like I only have 5 minutes am calling you so it's quicker...don't even give him a choice. Then just say you hate texting because it drags on for too long so from now on you'll prefer if you just talked on the phone. If he's interested that's not going to phase him or anything.

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  • I'm in the same situation. My girlfriend does that to me, vanishes and then says something if I don't respond. We've yet to get a solution but I thought you'd be glad to know you're not alone lol

  • Is it OK? Eh? asking for permssion? Or approval? The real answer for most of life...lies somewhere inbetween..only you can decide if this dude is someone you wish to invest in...

    • no, I'm asking your opinion on if you think that would be okay or if I'm over reacting. that's why I'm on here, to ask your opinion.

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