Is it bad to date the class clown?

There is this guy that no one can take serious... I really like him and he doesn't act stupid around me. But when he is stupid around other people it makes me mad. I have no clue what to do so yall help me please... Oh and we have been like best friends for a year and I don't want to mess up our friendship if we date... I want to be his girlfriend and his best friend


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  • I was a former class clown. In a small high school, this gave me quite a reputation as an odd-ball and a lunatic. Did this stop girls from dating me? No. The reasons was that I was short and black in a land that paid to be neither.

    However, this changed in college. I was still the class clown but fellow classmates actually enjoyed my humor, labelling me as a man with a tremendous sense of humor and lots of energy despite the fact that I always took morning sessions when most everyone else suffered from hangovers!

    It does not actually label you at all, you have your own image that people look upon you as. But as someone mentioned that you should try not to change him. Being a clown is ok, long as it does not get you or him into any sort of serious trouble. I used to get into lots of small troubles in high school(what boy didn't?!?), but I knew my limits. Nobody could ever claim I did drugs, stole school property, went on panty raids in the girls locker rooms or worse: messed with the law.

    Sometimes, the clowns are the best folks to be around. They will never bore you...unless they start talking like Star Trek Cadets! Hahaha.

    If you like him and you want him: GO FOR IT! Before it's too late


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  • Either you'll be the "clowns' mate" or he might get a bit more serious: playing the clown is a way of yelling for attention "I'm here, look at me!"

  • First of all if you do like him then why not go out with him, and second if you try to change him to much it won't work. The class clown is his personality your going to have to live with it or not.


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