Would inviting a girl to a pro sporting event be to forward for a 1st date?

So I just scored tickets to an NBA game happening tomorrow from my buddy.

There is this girl that I just met and would like to bring with me as a date. I don't know her super well yet. I just met her at a party last week because she is the roommate of one of my friends. I'm supposed to go visit her work today which is where I plan talk to her a bit and eventually ask her out on this date.

If a guy you've only met a few times asked you on a date and that date was to attend a pro sports game (as opposed to basic dinner and a movie or something) with him, do you think that would be to forward and come off as me moving to fast? In case it matters, this girl is almost a big sports fan, so all the more reason I figured it might be a good idea to ask her.

  • Yes, that's too forward and fast. Keep the first date very simple.
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  • Not fast at all, sounds like a great Idea for a first date.
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  • Neutral, maybe not the best idea for a date, but not the worst idea either.
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For those that didn't read to the end. This girl is a huge sports fan. I can't speak for basketball specifically but I know she is obsessed with football and said she almost always has sports center on. I thinks its safe to assume she likes basketball.


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  • I think it sounds like a good idea, but you have to make sure she at least likes the sport. I would love to be asked to a baseball game, but if a guy were to take me to a football game I would be kind of bored. If he took me to a soccer or basketball game, I would probably have a terrible time because I do not like or know the finer points of either sport. So it really depends.

    But a sporting event is a great date if she likes the sport and the team. It doesn't have nearly as much pressure or awkwardness as a dinner date, and there's more interaction involved than a movie date.


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  • Personally, this is my 12th season of playing basketball and I watched the Indiana Fevers win the championship this year. I like guys who are into sports if they like me too and not just the cheerleaders. :) I think it would be a great first date if you are both interested. It would be a common ground. It is also funny to take someone new to a sport if they are fun and watch them get into it and cheer. We always go out somewhere afterward too. Who says it has to end, right?

  • to me it sounds like a really fun first date, I don't even like watching sports on TV but going to basketball games is so much fun, and especially if she does like sports I'm sure she'd love it

  • Most girls aren't interested in sports. It's not the best idea.

  • If you know she's already a sports fan, it sounds like a great idea--a fun, no-pressure first date and gives you a ton to talk about already. Even if basketball isn't her #1 sport, if she likes you, then the destination of the date won't be the most important thing--spending time with you will be!


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  • No, this isn't nearly as forward as asking her out for a traditional date. There isn't the pressure of staring at each other face-to-face for hours, and making conversation alone at a table. You won't have to 'be the man' and order, etc.

    You'll be focused more on the game and only occasionally chatting, and not sitting facing each other. Probably talking to the fans near you, so you can see how she interacts with strangers, and how she handles herself independently from how she is relating to you.

  • C, nothing wrong with taken a date to go and observe vastly physically and economically superior men run around playing with their balls and getting sweaty

  • Minor league baseball is ideal.