Every time he texts me "good night", he always says my name....

Every time my crush and I text each other good night, he always adds my name at the end. One time he just said night and a sec later, sent another text with my name.

1) Is that a good/indifferent sign?

2) Could he do that because he's texting another girl & doesn't wanna "mess up"?


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  • I like mentioning the name of a girl I like and am interested in. It makes it more personal, and girls often like to hear the guy say her name. In general, people like it when they are addressed by their name, instead of 'hey you' or just 'hey'. Overall, it's a good sign.

    If he was texting another girl as well, what's the point of adding your name? This would only increase the risk of putting the wrong name in a text. I heard advise on how to cheat on a women, and it included on using even different phones, and never use her name in a text message unless you really need to. This to minimize the risk of putting the wrong name in a text or send a text to the wrong woman. So in a way, the fact he uses your name would indicate he is NOT afraid to mess up because you're the only girl he's texting.

    • Thanks man! :) I hope you're right!

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  • Agreed, saying the name does make it more personal. I do this as well to show affection.

    • Thank you! :) I hope you're right!

  • Adding the name makes it more personal.

    • Thanks man! :D

      lol stupid question...personal is usually good right?

    • of course :)

  • I highly doubt it's option number 2, I wouldn't worry about that. Some people just like using other peoples names casually in conversation, it makes it more personal.

    • even if I met him online...Goll he's so sweet! lol

      Thanks for answering! :)

    • No problem, sounds like you found a good guy I'm happy for ya!

    • I hope so =(

      We haven't even talked on the phone or met yet... =(

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  • good sign, maybe he forgets to add it , or adds it so you don't think its #2 , and that your special

    -Love Sosa

    • thank you :)

      would you mind checking out this one? Thanks :)


  • When a guy texts or says your name a lot, it means he is thinking of you. I read that on this one site about boys :)

  • (1) It's a good sign. If a guy is thinking specifically of you, your name is sort of on the tip of his tongue and sinking into his mind and heart. Guys who just call you "Babe" or "Sweetie" all day and NEVER say your name are, by contrast, uninterested in you specifically and possibly only attracted to you physically.

    (2) If he doesn't want to mess up, that's precisely why he would only use "babe" or "sweetie" instead of your name. You know, less confusion about what to call you vs. the three other girls he's dating...

    • thank you! :)

    • No prob. I actually went out with a guy who called me "Sweetie" from the first second we greeted each other (on our first date) through to our last date a few weeks ago, where we sat through brunch with only me saying his name. It becomes clear (if you use his name and he doesn't reciprocate) that he can't even bother to remember your name.

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