He’s ignored me for 3 days. Now he texts. Do I text back or wait a bit longer?

Need some advice.

I’ve been seeing a guy for 4 months. Things were going great and on Friday, his grandma was admitted to hospital. He text that he’s gonna be lonely and should call someone. We started joking around about how he should shower and shave for when the college girls arrive because “college girls are always ready to go”.

Before I go on, we CONSTANTLY joke and tease each other about there being other girls and other guys. But we know we are the other’s only. We have not put a relationship label on it yet. It’s just not the right timing for either of us.

I text back that I’ve been ready to go for weeks and it’s not my fault he chose not to take advantage. I said this in a joking manner but it pissed him off. He wrote back that there are things more important than sex. I asked what. He said life.

And then he stopped speaking to me. It took 24 hours and me asking how his grandma was twice before I asked if I said or did something to upset him. He said my comment pissed him off and that was the last thing he said to me Saturday night. It was right after I secretly dropped off flowers to his grandma.

I text one last time Saturday night to say Good night like always. No response. We did not speak at all yesterday and we have talked all day every day since the night we met. I didn’t even text Good night last night. Just let him be. He has known from the start that I HATE Kindergarten games like silent treatment. I’m a grown adult and I work my shit out.

Lo and behold... half an hour ago, he text me Good Morning, as if he hasn’t spent the last 3 days ignoring me.
1 y
I haven’t answered yet. I’m not sure if I should. On one hand, I don’t want him thinking I’ve been waiting by my phone to hear from him. On the other hand, I don’t want him thinking I’m okay with the silent treatment and will come running back every time like a desperate little girl. Cuz I won’t. But then I just think about how hard his grandma being sick must be. He lost his mom a few years ago and before all of this went down, he mentioned it feels like losing his mom all over again. (He was 4
1 y
months in with his last girlfriend when his mom passed so I can see how it would be triggering.)

What should I do?

Message him back now or keep leaving him in limbo for a response? I’m definitely going to let him know I won’t tolerate silent treatment again. That the next time he needs space, just tell me and I have zero problem giving it. When the time is right though.
He’s ignored me for 3 days. Now he texts. Do I text back or wait a bit longer?
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