Dating American Armenian girls. Anything I should know?

So, I live in LA. There is a big Armenian population. I didn't usually care much for their women, but I met this one bright, nice, and pretty girl.

How can I win her over? I've never dated an Armenian before, so this is new for me.

Any words of wisdom, or tips?

Didn't work out. She's much ruder than I expected.

Next time I'll stick to the Latinas...


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  • ha ha ha this is funny..

    anyways it all depends what you look for in a girl?.

    want a girl who drinks and posible smoke, go to bars and clubs.

    want a strong girl who isn't afraid to be herself, pick up hobbies like rock climbing, surfing, meet fun and out going women that way.

    it all depends what you want, and who you choose to pull in your life.

    also depends who you are, strong, weak, talkitive, shy?.

    if you come across greedy, sluty chicks, stay away and save drama, but if you bring them in your life and they screw you over, don't go crying saying all girls are the same, cause they are.

    the chances are, you keep allowing all the wrong women in your life.

    be generous if you take her on a date, pay for the movie or meal.. its sweet :)

    get the door, even I being a chick, I get the door as well, and if I ask a guy out, I pay for it unless he insist.

    so you will run across all mix women, just keep an eye out for who they are inside.


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  • They might start out beautiful and thin, but they will always get ugly and quite possibly fat when they get into their forties.

  • i don't normally like to stereotype or be rude, but the armenian grls I've known, they are very boy crazy and horny, fall for guys fast, and want to marry quickly have a dream wedding, and are gold diggers they wanna be housewives and have their husband support them and buy them all the luxury and diamonds. theyre very pretty though, and middle eastern + Caucasian at the same time. I think armenia used to be a part of turkey in history.

  • Many of them are skanky and love a guy's money. Watch out

    • Isn't that all girls?

      I'm always watching my 6. Thanks!

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