Is my ex-boyfriend trying to make me jealous?

so me and my ex boyfriend broke up 4 months ago on very bad terms, but I recently sent him a message and he apologized for everything and he said that he missed me.

on his birthday I wished him a happy birthday via text, but then he CALLED to say thank you, even though he could have just texted me back, which made me very happy because it looked like he cared.

Anyway that was 3 days ago and we haven't talked since then, so I was checking his Facebook profile and I found that he updated his profile picture to one with a girl !

I don't know if he's dating her or not, but why now ? he seemed to be still interested

I gave him a 'like' on the photo, what do you think, can he be really dating this girl ?! what should I do ?


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  • There are two possibilities to your situation. These are:

    1) He seems interested and yes, he is trying to make you jealous. He wants to know if he still has an effect on you like the old days or not. Will you get jealous? Will you care? Will you say/do something about it? If you didn't care, you wouldn't have "liked" his photo to begin with. I bet he's happy you did and is congratulating himself for the success of his plan.

    He wants you to chase him a bit in order to make sure that you still like him. He wants to know that you want him and consider him your special half. So, basically, he's using this picture as a trigger in order to know what kind of feelings you have for him.

    2) It is just a casual picture with one of his friends (or girlfriend). He put it on fb by chance and you happen to see it. I don't strongly believe in that theory though.

    I go with the first option more than the second.

    Why don't you call him and ask him out? I think he still likes you. :)


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  • honestly... 'liking' the picture was a cool move. it actually showed that you don't care too much and you're 'ok' with him being with someone else.

    but asking him straight if he wants to be with you, etc. is a very bad move. men like to know if you're interested, but they do not want to be chased ... it could push him away.

    but it depends - who broke up? was it him or you?

    I would be very careful with asking him if he still wants to be with you, etc.

    yes, he wanted a reaction from you (100%!) and you liked the picture.

    Imagine you uploaded that picture. You would expect your ex to be jealous or even hurt! You need to be careful here... keep the line of communication open. But let him contact you first. it might take a few days or weeks. He expects you to contact him... if you don't he will. For sure. But it may take days, even weeks.

    Men are very proud creatures ^^

  • Guys often do so... It seems like they are playing. My ex was doing the same to me because he thought that would make me jealous and I would miss him.

    The guy probably wants you to think that you lost something really special, that you were a fool to let him go.

    Guys are like that, it hurts them when someone leaves.

    If you were the one who broke up with him, it makes things even more clear.