Is my ex-boyfriend trying to make me jealous?

so me and my ex boyfriend broke up 4 months ago on very bad terms, but I recently sent him a message and he apologized for everything and he said that he missed me.

on his birthday I wished him a happy birthday via text, but then he CALLED to say thank you, even though he could have just texted me back, which made me very happy because it looked like he cared.

Anyway that was 3 days ago and we haven't talked since then, so I was checking his Facebook profile and I found that he updated his profile picture to one with a girl !

I don't know if he's dating her or not, but why now ? he seemed to be still interested

I gave him a 'like' on the photo, what do you think, can he be really dating this girl ?! what should I do ?
Is my ex-boyfriend trying to make me jealous?
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