Can girls "turn off" their feelings?

Hey, I have a bit trouble with one girl. It is really strange to me, never had someone like that before.

I live in France and met an exchange student this summer, she is leaving soon in January. When we met everything was great, we liked each other and it was fun to hang around in school but we never dated or anything like that. Then after a party, not more than a week after we met, we ended up in her bed and her telling me that she feels very good and tranquil in my arms. But we both came to the decision that we can't date because she will be gone soon and that nothing more will happen.

Few days later she told me (chat and text messages, like almost everything) that she misses me really bad, but despite me feeling the same way, I tried to keep her at bay for quite a while but she kept telling me that and well..i relented and told her how I feel and that made her happy

so we saw each other for a second time at a party and everything was cool (but no kisses or whatsoever, just hanging around) but then suddendly she went away and was only with her friends. after a while I told her in a rush of clingyness that I feel neglected for no reason and then she kissed me. some when later we left but I didn't sleep over at her place like we planned to and she told me that she can't really trust me and she is afraid of getting used. I assured her that this is not true and we talked for a long time and kissed but again decided that we'll end was then when it was the first time that I said that I want to continue this and I shared personal stuff (we were drunk) but she didn't want to. so she left alone.

but then the next days she kept telling me that she misses me and she apologized for being a bitch...i was happy to hear this somehow. but I was getting upset because of this. why can't she just decide what she wants?so I was being a d*** a bit, but she kept going on. but then we were cool again. shortly after that she went to a vacation for 2 weeks and we saw each other just for 5 minutes before she left and hugged ourselves. but when she left she said that she wanted to kiss me and that she misses me and I should promise her that I kiss her when she comes back. we texted each other every day. but when she arrived we saw each other again and I only hugged her at the end...but then I started to kiss her neck and she not offended but she said "don't do that" and then I stopped and left. but after that she apologized for saying this and that she liked it. then we saw each other no more somehow, we only chattd and said often that we wanna hang out but she blew off everything on the last minute. or not at all. or she texted me to check if I'm free, but did not respond to my answer. she was really weird. after 4 weeks of that and her screwing up my plannings I confronted her and she didn't seem to care at all and now she is dismissive.

i really don't get what happened so suddenly.she even asked me why I even care about us so much and that I need to let go. what happened?
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ps: she told me that she felt under pressure, because of me which I didn't get because we barely talked and I was just asking when we can hang out or why its hard to see her. but she was acting differently, touchy all of a sudden, I really had to take care about my wordchoice because she tended to overinterpret and we had many misunderstandings. but then after the confrontation we didn't talk at all and now it sucks. I try to lightn things up but it doesn't work,she just wants to leave and don't give a damn now
Can girls "turn off" their feelings?
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