Guy ignored my compliment over text. Is that a bad sign?

I've been talking to this guy non-stop back and forth via text message for days! I found most guys aren't into that... and today since I figured we were talking more, getting closer I'd make a joke and compliment him! I just basically told him that white lab coats and goggles in lab are awesome. I was trying to say that nerds are totally hot! He literally hasn't replied the entire day. So awkward. I don't want to be that annoying girl that texts him over and over again... but we've been talking a lot lately... saying good morning and good night... he even asked me if I preferred a man who shaved as a opposed to a bearded man. I was starting to get the feeling he was going to ask me out! Well, I mean, I guess he did ask me to drinks... but I had a test and it didn't work out... so we're planning to get together at some point, just not yet. Idk, maybe he's lost interest? Why ignore a compliment? Maybe it didn't text well...

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  • He probably just didn't know how to respond. My boyfriend does that to me all the time. Its annoying, I know. I mean they could at least give a "lol" or something.

    • hahaha yes! okay, so I'm not totally awkward/hated or w/e other interpretation I could have taken from that?

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    • Thanks!

    • well... texted him back again and no response again. maybe he's busy. guess if I wake up to another goodmorning text again tomorrow I know hope won't be lost quite yet?

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  • Maybe he lost his phone or was busy.

    Or maybe he didn't understand and you should just text him that you think nerds are sexy, lol.

    Hope that helped, if not then my apologies.

    • hahaha aka I am probably over thinking it. Probably true! So not all hope is lost haha

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