Guy ignored my compliment over text. Is that a bad sign?

I've been talking to this guy non-stop back and forth via text message for days! I found most guys aren't into that... and today since I figured we were talking more, getting closer I'd make a joke and compliment him! I just basically told him that white lab coats and goggles in lab are awesome. I was trying to say that nerds are totally hot! He literally hasn't replied the entire day. So awkward. I don't want to be that annoying girl that texts him over and over again... but we've been talking a lot lately... saying good morning and good night... he even asked me if I preferred a man who shaved as a opposed to a bearded man. I was starting to get the feeling he was going to ask me out! Well, I mean, I guess he did ask me to drinks... but I had a test and it didn't work out... so we're planning to get together at some point, just not yet. Idk, maybe he's lost interest? Why ignore a compliment? Maybe it didn't text well...
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Guy ignored my compliment over text. Is that a bad sign?
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