Guys, how do you really feel about dating girls who wear colored contacts and weave? False advertisement?

This is all coming from a girl who couldn't be more guilty of wearing hair extensions, but I'm changing my ways :)

I hate the weave. Someone gives me a compliment and I feel so fake like, well really you should thank Weave Inc. or 'Weave Express', the hair store for manufacturing it :). It's not mine. It doesn't grow out of my head. I didn't take the time to style it and dye it myself. A very lovely factory did. I just feel bad like I'm falsely advertising myself. I almost feel like guys may be disappointed if they see what my hair is really like. Is it not the same concept of a guy who wears a cucumber in his pants then you get in the sheets and his package is less than 5 inches? LOL okay so I'm exaggerating, but you get the point. It's disappointing. You are being sold something that is a lie.

I have a friend who wears contacts and weave and she's the one who really solidified this theory of mine. She thinks she's so hot, but honestly, if you take out her honey brown Edward Cullen contacts and if she takes off her hair; she's a weave dependent female with damaged hair, plain brown eyes, and there's nothing spectacular about her look. I know a lot of girls who are like that. I don't know about them, but I know for me that I want to be able to feel a guy run his hands through my hair. I want him to look at me and tell me I'm beautiful because of what's naturally mine not because of what I bought in a store lol Is the beauty really genuine if any other girl can go out and buy it?

What are your thoughts on this topic?


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  • Tons of celebs and models are like this.average as F*** with lots of enhancements. I think I'm beautiful regardless but I like weave and makeup for fun. Girls do that stuff and guys just deal. Who cares what they think about it? Virtually all hot girls do something unnatural to their appearance. It is what it is.


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  • As long as her personality is intact, I don't care if she does wear contacts or weave as long as those small things will make her happy.

    • So you don't mind if she takes them off and looks less attractive without them?

    • Been in that kind of relationship before, where the girl that I dated was only pretty when wearin' make up. All I did was I held on long enough to see if I could fall in love with something about her besides her appearance, and I did, which is by the way, is much more attractive than any appearance

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  • whatever she likes and looks good, I don't really have a problem with. some people hate feeling fake/being with "fake" people. others don't care.

    nobody looks best with 0 help. whether it is makeup, haircolor, tanning, etc...those are all "fake" technically but everybody does them. even very beautiful people have the help of at least some of these things.