Woke up and he was gone.

Been speaking to a guy for a lot of months and have got to like him, he works at the clubs I go to and stupidly on Saturday I invited him home, I was drunk but I know that is no excuse. Things happened and then on the Sunday morning I woke up around 8am and he had left and he later text me 'remember to get the morning after pill :)' and that is the last I heard from him. What should I do? Text him and question him what happened or just leave it as that? I really do like him.

I did text him back.. a couple of times, but no reply


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  • I'm not trying to be funny, but you are going to laugh at this one day. What he did is like having your locker at the gym broken into, and finding that the thief took your money, but left you enough to get the bus home.

    Get that morning after pill. Make sure you do that because you don't want to bring this little jerk's child into the world. After that, you should find someone else to be interested in. I mean, he didn't even call you to say what happened and that you should get the morning after pill. He didn't even say that he would pay for it. This keeps getting funnier. Trust me, you are going to laugh one day. Seriously though. You don't want to date someone who is going to take advantage of you when your drunk. Bust one inside of you. Then leave you to clean up the mess. He's either a douche bag or a punk bitch. Neither one you don't really need.


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  • Hey may be taking time to reply to you but I would be cautious with this guy even if he does get back to you.

    Given how he is treated you so far the only likely scenario if he does contact you again is that he wants to use you as a booty call.

    The guy sounds like a real immature d*ck, and one that you would be better off without.

    Don't worry it is his loss in life for not understanding the right way to behave.

    • what did he do wrong?

    • Mate do you even have to ask that?

      Did the guy show CONSIDERATION for how she would feel?

      morality means treating other people with respect and consideration (how we ourselves would want to be treated by others). It beggars belief how poorly young people such as yourself understand basic ethics.

  • Have you text him at all? Did you even reply? If you are interested you probably should.

    You are in no position to demand an explanation from him though, if you want to see him again ask to see him again, you shouldn't try and guilt trip him for having sex with you when you wanted to have sex.

    I hope you remembered the morning after pill otherwise the situation could end up a whole lot worse.

    • Based on the update it sounds like he was only looking for a one night stand. There is not really anything you can do to make him want more. My suggestion is if you aren't comfortable having casual sex you shouldn't have casual sex.

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  • Why not text him? He could just not be talking to you because he's confused and scared too by the night. He may just want to leave it to you to answer. Did you ever answer his morning after text? On the other hand, he could just be a douche bag and in that case you gotta just leave it. Douchebags aren't worth it.

    • Man and woman have consentual sex, the man is a douche bag, are you sure that follows?

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    • Ya sorry I guess your right. I don't know what happened. I'm kinda just a little person purely on the mind set of dating and not sex but others, both male and female, have sex casually. I gues I was kinda just seeing it as, if he were acting like he was into her and then used for sex. But ya your totally right, I shouldn't call him a douche for having casual sex. Lol no one around here has casual sex so I'm not use to it :p he could've treated her nicer in the mornin but you can't expect that.

    • I genuinely understand if this was the first time I had ever spoke to the guy and then I took him home and had sex with him. But I have been speaking to him for about 7 months, and I do/did like him... he made out he liked me as well. I text him yesterday once again but no reply. Thanks for the answers though :)