Chick gave me her number, hasn't responded back?

Talked to a cute girl from one of my classes, we happened to be in the same place at the same time. Chatted for bit, she put her number in my phone. Didn't text her that night Because some stuff came up but next day I said I would after class. Sent a simple what's up (insert girl name)? it's (my name). Hasn't texted me back yet. It hasn't been a day yet, but if she was interested, wouldn't she have responded by now?


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  • if she was interested she would have text-ed you back. Yeah.

    Sometimes women just play games to see if you will text back to see if you are needy.

    my advice is to wait 48 hours (dont text or call her back at all) and if she doesn't respond, move on.

    • Why would she put her number in my phone then, like I didn't ask for her number, she just asked if she could see my phone and put it in there?

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    • Did she go out of her way to talk to you? if she did then I would wait 24 hours to say what's up.

      if she doesn't respond again, then forget about her.

    • It was weird we just ran into each and knew each other from class and meeting before but this was like the 2nd time we really talked. She seemed interested during the conversation, good eye contact, lots of smiles, we stood in the hallway and just talked for half an hour.

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  • give her time because she can be busy or doing something. give her up to a week and if there's nothing, don't bother and move on.


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  • give it time. who knows what she could doing. text her again tomorrow see what happens then