Why does he randomly text me? Why do guys in general randomly text a girl?

There is this guy I met last semester in college and I thought he might have a crush on me, but I let it go because he never made a "bold" move. We had a class together during the fall. When fall finals were over, he texted me twice randomly over Christmas break. I texted him a general merry Christmas as well. I then texted him about a month later about notes he promised to give me. He gave them to me and we hadn't spoken since. He would often like my Facebook posts, but not talk to me. He randomly texted me last night after a one 1/2 months of not talking to me asking how my class was going. Why is he doing this? Why does he even care about how my class is going? We weren't close friends or anything. If we talk, it is him texting me out of the blue after months of not talking to me. Is asking about my class maybe just an excuse to talk to me? Why do guys randomly text girls? Thanks in advance for any help :)

I need some answers :(


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  • Well for me personally I just like to catch up with friends and to see how they're doing, most of the time there isn't really any intent of me liking them I just enjoy their company. As for your situation I wouldn't over think it because like you said he didn't really make any moves and he contacted you a month after. I say he might've not been interested because usually if a guy wants to show interest he would make the effort to communicate with you. I would do the same if I liked a girl, I would make the effort to talk to them but not overwhelm them at the same time. If there isn't a strong connection, especially during phone calls or text then it's not ideal to assume any interest. I hope this helps! Good luck!

    • I guess what I'm saying is we weren't really friends so he has no reason to care. I helped him with notes all semester, but we were never really friends. I just don't see when you consider that why he would care after months of not talking to me.

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  • Maybe he wants to become closer friends.
    The same thing just happened to me yesterday except it's been almost 6 months!! Like seriously this semester is almost done and he texts out of the blue

    My guess is he was bored or just got overanother girl and is llooking for someone, anyone to talk to