Should I take a break from texting him?

I have a crush on this guy and he gave me his number. We've been texting for a few weeks, but I am always the one to start the conversation. Sometimes he would send a dry response (oh, OK, idk, etc.) and when I would ask if I was bothering him, he'd say no and that I was over-thinking it. Am I?


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  • You're really over thinking things since he's your crush.

  • Never ask someone if you are bothering them.

    • He's told me about other girls who have texted him too much, so I got scared. Thank you for the advice though!

    • The problem is this type of question shows insecurity. Do you think a high profile women would ever wonder if they are bothering someone? No. You need to get the mindset that he is LUCKY to be talking to YOU. How about backing off a bit and see if he texts you? Once you recognize that anyone would be lucky to be the recipient of your interest you will be more successful overall. Good luck! :)

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