I'm A LOT taller than my prom date #tallgirlproblems

So my prom date is at least 4 inches shorter than me (#tallgirlproblems) lol and I have no problem going with him. I think we're gonna look awesome when we step on the red carpet of prom, because lots of models and movie stars date shorter men. (I'm tall and skinny too and he's cute so hopefully we give off that type of vibe haha) I was excited until my friends were like "Isn't he shorter than you?" "How are you going to dance with him?" "Why don't you get a taller guy? (answer: none asked me WAHHH)" "Aren't you going to look weird?" "I might laugh when I see you two together" * le sigh* They're nice friends usually lol

So now I'm stressed! How are we going to take prom pictures? Should we both stand up in the picture where it will be obvious I'm taller than him? Should we do a sitting pose like on a chair? Or one where I like lean back and he supports my weight? How will we slow dance? Should we just not dance? Now I'm self-conscious because I feel that everyone will be judging me now! :( When people found out I had a prom date random people asked who it was because I'm the tallest girl in school. People are probably laughing at me even before prom. I better look fabulous that day! lol
I'm A LOT taller than my prom date #tallgirlproblems
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