What should I assume? We haven't talked in a week

So, like in my last question. I met a guy on a non-dating website. We have been talking since early January, so 5 months. We Skype, instant message and e-mail. We have not talked on the phone. We had plans to meet in August.

We say we are 'friends with the potential for more'. He has a pattern of talking to me for a few days then not talking to me. It sort of bothers me, but I give him the benefit of the doubt since he is busy and has a sucky internet service provider.

Well, he hasn't talked to me in a week. no e-mail, instant message or Skype. He has not tried to call. The last time we talked it was on a positive note. I keep going back to the e-mails I wrote him this week, just to see where he was and I don't think I upset him at all.

Everyone tells me to move on, however since we are not dating I don't know if I can expect him to act like he is my boyfriend or take the time he would if we were dating. I know being states apart doesn't help.

I guess I just want to know if guys here think I am holding on to something that is over (even a friendship) or if I should just hang out waiting for him...

Thanks in advance

Note: I am 32 years old with only having a boyfriend of 2 months, so my experience on guys is limited. So, when people say that guys don't talk everyday, even to girls they have a crush on I believe them

Just to update... he was just a jerk that disappeared. Met an awesome guy who loves me :)


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  • There are so many possible reasons for a sudden silence, most of which are not personal. It's perfectly reasonable to send a simple, upbeat message saying "I haven't heard from you for a while - are you all right?" Be certain not to sound personal or accusatory. Usually, you would hear back "I've been really busy.." or the like. If you don't hear back from a friendly query, then you can assume that it's over.

  • It means that he just want to get to know you better.


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