Good or Bad: Dating someone "out of your league."

I'm relatively new to the world of Western (American) dating, and something about it really confuses me:

One of my (male) friends is going out w/someone who (many of his friends think) is "out of his league." It almost sounds as if they're making fun of him when they say such a thing. From what I understand of "leagues" it's all based on how attractive a person is. If this is the case, is it not better to go out with someone of as high a league as possible, or am I missing something here?

What are the advantages/disadvantages of going out w/someone "out of your league?" Are his friends just making fun of him due to jealousy, or is there some legitimate reason why he should not be dating someone that's more attractive than he is?

Thank you in advance for your advice.


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  • Jealousy, my friend. You know what's crazy? Pretty or not , we're all equal and deserve to be treated as such. When a girl is stunningly beautiful people assume that she should be paired with a man who is stunningly handsome. They themselves feel they are not worthy of her/him. Anger and jealousy can arise when they see someone who they feel is average (like themselves) with a beautiful lady. "Shes out of your league. Eventually she will leave you for a wealthy and handsome guy when the opportunity presents itself." Advantages: If you are happy with this person, leagues, looks, whatever; don't matter. Unless you like to see jealous peoples reactions then that's an advatage as well. Disadvantages: Hearing opinions over and over again of how did you end up with such a pretty date or "Shes out of your league man." Or "It won't last." Etc.


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  • I would say his friends say that because they are jealous, there is no legitimate reason why he should not be dating somebody more attractive. I think you should see She┬┤s out of my league, maybe it will help you understand it better

  • I think the disadvantages are feeling like you aren't good enough or that she/he is going to cheat or find a hotter person. but I don't think you shouldn't date someone out of your league

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