How to have a first kiss with your girlfriend?

Okay so I've gone on 2 dates with my girlfriend and they've gone well. The first one was a double date to see if she liked me, and the second was alone with her to ask her out. We've talked every day to each other, and I really like her (and I'm pretty sure she really likes me too). I'm going on a date with her tomorrow to a cafe for lunch and to talk, and I really want to kiss her to show her how much I like her (and it would be both of our first kisses). However, I'm not one of those guys who treat girls like sluts, and my girlfriend is really respectable as well (we're both good Catholics and stick to our values). Having said this, I have no idea whatsoever as to how to kiss her or even just hug her or hold her hand. We're both meeting at the cafe tomorrow and we're going to meet each other there, then eat and talk, then I'll walk her back to her car and we'll say goodbye. How should I go about doing this? Should I hug her hello then hold her hand walking out then hug her goodbye then kiss her? On the cheek or the lips? Or should I do something else? Please give me a really good answer and I'll make sure to rate you really highly (best answer)!

Also we're both going to be high school seniors if that matters. And she is my first girlfriend and I'm her first bf.
How to have a first kiss with your girlfriend?
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