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How to kiss a new girl for the first time?


Hello, M19 there, about to go out in 3 days on Saturday with a girl (18) on a date. We met online almost 2 months ago... I already wrote there on that forum site about her and yeah she really likes me and is amazing for now. So yeah as I said before, I'm going in 3 days with her on a date. I'm taking her on a nice dinner in restaurant and than I have a plan to walk with her by the sea and talk and have fun and probably sit with her somewhere where we can conversate further... The catch is that we both want to kiss eachother on our first date because we know eachother for almost 2 months now and know a lot about eachother, like really a lot and like eachother a lot too. I will kiss her when there will be a right moment you know, I'm a romantic type of a guy and I want our first kiss to be romantic and I kissed girls before but I'm nervous how to kiss that girl for the first time, she is just amazing and so lovely and I want it to be special and not awkward.

Thank you for your help in advance:)


How to kiss a new girl for the first time?
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