How should I kiss her for the first time?

Hey I'm a 19 year old guy and I really clicked with one girlthat I met online (18). We met almost 1 month ago on adating app and we instantly clicked, basically us two neverfelt this way before with someone else. We talk basicallyeveryday in the night when we both have time. We can talkfor almost the whole night and it feels like a blink of an eyeand we tell know eachother reslly good right now since ustwo talk about anything. We also talked about meetingeachother after a new year since we live like 30 miles apartwhich is not a lot but we both decided to go slow and didn'twant to meet instantly and rather get to know eachotherreally good through talking and than we will go out (that'sbecause we both came out of relationship in the summerwhen our partners tried to cheat on us...). I really respectour wishes so I think that is the right way to do it. I knowwhere I will take her since I have a perfect first date idea, but the problem is since we are so attracted to eachotherthat we also talked about kissing on the first date. I justwanted to know how should I kiss her for the first time? Iknow I will wait for the perfect moment and not just rush it, because I want it to be perfect... I was wondering if I shouldjust give her a slower kiss on the lips or maybe if it shouldbe more pasionate? I really like this girl, she is honestly theprettiest girl I ever saw, but also her personality is perfect forme and we tell that eachother often. So what do you think, how should I do the first kiss between me and her?

by the way, I posted there ince before because I wasn't sure if she was into me or not, but I'm know sure she is...

Thank you for your answers and help in advance


How should I kiss her for the first time?
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