Should I kiss my ex? Does he like me?

Back story:
My ex and I had broken up over a year ago (i was the one who ended it because I was going through a hard time w another guy harassing me and didn’t want him to be worried about me). My ex is known for playing around with girls but he treated me differently then any girl. But I broke his heart when I broke up with him but I had a serious situation that needed to be fixed in order for me to be safe. Once my situation with the harassment was figured out, I wanted to get back together. But he was in a relationship with another girl. It didn’t even last a month before he ended it. According to her, he still had feelings for me. After hearing that, I tried to talk to him but he made it clear he was fine without me. He was really nice about it when he said it but obviously I was sad. So I avoided him after that because I was hurt. During those months of avoiding he started to do things that it seem like he was interested again but his guy friends would ask and he said he was over me. But the things he was doing weren’t just “trying to be friendly” actions.
Flash forward to now:
One day My ex started trying to talk to me in a group conversation. When I looked at him he smiled at me. This happened a few weeks after one of his friends kissed me. His friend and I talked for a few months but I ended it because he treated me awful. My ex and I are in the same friend group. I saw him for the first time in awhile since quarantine. Our friends hungout and he was very quiet and didn’t say much. His friend was also there. He was sitting next to me and was all over me even though I already ended things with him. Next time should I talk to my ex? Would he be mad if I make a love? And does he like me?
Should I kiss my ex? Does he like me?
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