Harry Potter should have gotten together with Cho, Hermione or a brand new girl right?

Harry Potter should have gotten together with Cho, Hermione or a brand new girl right?
1. Harry Potter felt his stomach flip over for Cho Chang the moment he saw her and pretty much every other time ever since (including the final book).

2. Harry always fancied her (finding her both physically and personally appealing). Note who he wanted to ask to the dance, ask out, etc. Quite frankly, in very book since she is introduced (book 3), he likes her.

3. It seems the author suddenly forgot what she had built up and instead opted for someone who made no sense in a hurry, having focused on the main plot that the romance subplot was forgotten till the last moment. Ginny is family, not fancy material (Harry displayed no interest in her whatsoever at any point, then randomly likes her, no way). People fall for people, but they still have to be physically into them initially which he wasn't.

4. With Cho there was always and immediately instant rapport between them.

5. If not Cho, then the author did give room for Hermione being a potential sexual mate. After all, she suddenly kisses him on the cheeks "for the first time" at the end of book 4.

6. Hermione actually would have been a nice touch if Cho had fallen through. She had been absolutely loyal to him unlike other so called friends (aka Ron who was nothing more than a disloyal moody leech who often abandoned Harry at moments of trouble e. g. book 4).

7. In terms of Cho, Cho always stood by Harry in book 4, and came back to support him in book 5 and 7.

8. In defence of Hermione, pretty sure Harry would have had a fantasy about her now and again. I mean, as in must have spent some time with a few of her FB photos right?

9. Harry might have simply met a brand new hottie at a coffee shop or a Quidditch match and hit it off.

10. Finally, with Hermione, there was the rapport of friendship, and with Cho the rapport of interests, the physical attraction immediate, and the spark between them.

YOU MUST CHOOSE, vote now between what is right and what is easy...
Harry Potter should have gotten together with Cho, Hermione or a brand new girl right?

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  • Hermione Granger
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  • A brand new hottie from after graduation
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  • Cho Chang was the prettiest

    • Agreed and the nicest in my opinion (if not for Hermione I mean)

    • Thanks

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  • I would have put him with someone other than Ginny too, but I don't know who that'd be. Maybe Cho but not until the last book, maybe just in the epilogue, they both needed a lot of time to heal. I do love Ginny but I dunno, I feel like the Harry x Ginny relationship was kinda creepy when looking at the James x Lily relationship.

    • Yeah agreed. Not only that, there was little romantic rapport between them, compared to Harry and Cho. If it was going to be a sudden yearning from him and it wasn't Cho, then I reckon a new girl would have been better.

  • I always thought he would end up with Hermione not Ginny. Nor did I think Ron would be with Hermione. As far as Cho goes, meh... I would have liked to seen him with that one little weird blonde chick though, Luna I think her name is. But honestly I voted for a new girl... ME😈 mwahahahhaaaaa. Seriously a new chick like that Pretty Black babe at the restaurant or Hermione! Ginny isn't bad, she is a sweet gir so it's an ok decision I guess.

    • I like your thinking about Hermione. She did seem like a great fit, someone loyal and the fact that he didn't care about where she was from unlike many other wizards.

      I think Cho had a decent chance given the rapport with him and his instant attraction. Certainly there was a good buildup and it would have felt somewhat natural.

      I really don't think Ginny was an ok decision. It was totally random and felt quite forced. Certainly not romantic. It's almost like it was just a love potion. A brand new girl would have been preferable if it was going to be a sudden crush.

      Agreed on Ron, he didn't deserve Emma Watson lol.

  • Harry and Hermione have a beautiful friendship that shows men and women can be friends. It's a sibling relationship.

    • Same with Ginny. He became part of the Weasley family via Ron. Sibling.

      Should have been a brand new girl if not Cho. Certainly not Ginny.

      He should have met Holly, a witch model for one of those wizarding magazines.

  • i never read the books, I never cared to. However, with Harry being the main character, and Hermione being the main female lead/one of his best friends/someone he went through traumatic things with, it almost seems to go against good writing to not have them together, without VERY good reasons being given for why they chose to not pursue each other.

    • Nice, yep.

      Hermione > Cho > Brand new girl.

  • Cho was a replacement... hell no. im surprised he ended up with Ginny... because him and Hermione were destined to be together from the start. i just thought it was weird when Ron started to like her.
    Cho was not even in that equation at all.

    • I also thought Hermione (who was always loyal to him and let's face it hot). If not her, then I think Cho who was the fittie/hottie who he deffo fancied/wanted to bang. If not Cho, then just a random new girl, you know like a witch model he meets who is oblivious to who he is and gets his attention. (played by Jessica Alba or Melanie Iglesias in any movie sequel)

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    • Film wise:
      1. Hermione
      2. Cho
      3. Katie Bell
      4. Parvati
      5. Unnamed Slytherin/Ravenclaw girl in background.
      6. One of those Beauxbaxtons babes in their introduction - the brunette, damn!

      Book wise:
      1. Cho
      2. Hermione
      3. Whoever sent Harry a racy picture in book 4.
      4. Luna

    • Parvati Patil? yea... she was smoking hot...

  • He should've ended up with Hermione. And Ron should've stayed with Parvati.

    • Ron should have stayed alone given his lack of loyalty to his friends when they were in trouble. He was only around when things were normal or to leach off others' success.

      Agreed on Hermione versus ginny.

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    • In order of believability
      1. Harry and Cho
      2. Harry and Hermione.
      3. Harry and Luna.
      4. Harry and a brand new girl.
      10000000000000. Harry and Ginny

    • Lmao I agree

  • Emma Watson is so freakin hot. Goddamn Lucky bitchπŸ˜’

  • 0|0
    • Nah have you seen Ginny now on Google images

    • Damn she is so pretty!

    • @Rtfdsss Check emma watson mate. Seriously or even Jessica Alba

  • I think the book is not about romance and so the romance side (which I never got anyway) should just be left alone.

    That being said, why wait until long after the Harry Potter craziness to post this?

    • Agreed on the book. Though the books did contain themes of love, romance and friendship. Virtually all made sense. Cho would have made sense. But Ginny didn't. Seemed so forced.

      Brand new girl would have been better. I. e. a witch model (played by Jessica Alba in any movie) meets a post Hogwarts Harry and doesn't know who he is. And he starts to chase her.


    Hermione and Ron are perfect for each other. These are the moments when I hate the Queen for saying that they shouldn't be together.

    • I dunno whether Ron deserved Hermione. Quite frankly he doesn't deserve Harry either given his lack of being a solid friend at all times. Hermione was a much more loyal companion to Harry.

      I don't think Ginny really was romantic material. It seemed very forced and there was very little buildup romantically from Harry's side. Cho on the other hand, felt more mutual, and the reader felt with him the whole way from his nervousness to asking her out and his various stomach backflips.

      If not Cho, I reckon it should have just been some brand new girl he just meets and they click. Maybe someone who doesn't even recognize him, until he reveals who he is. And therefore he chases her. It could be a romantic movie, comedy even. Hugh Grant as an older Harry who tries to woo Jessica Alba, this down to earth wizarding model.

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    • 4. Cedric and Cho dated, he wasn't irrelavant at all. Cho liked him and even though she had an interest for Harry she was more interested in him, than in Harry. If Cedric wouldn't have died, Cho would have married him.

      5. Those feelings developed for years, Harry finally felt love for her (because it wasn't just attraction), he was truly mad about not being him the one kissing her. The dude daydreamed about Ginny and he used to feel bad because Ron is his friend and he thought like it was betraying his trust.

      I know you mentioned that sexual tension, but it was more of an awkward tension instead of something sexual. Hermione had a REAL sexual tension moment with Ron, not with Harry.

      Also, who are you? You're the first true potterhead (man) I see here.

    • Whatever Hermione felt for him... Harry never felt the same.

      He felt something for Ginny and Cho, I can agree that Cho was good for him if she would have been available, she wasn't... and at the end, Harry end up liking Ginny. Ginny always liked him.

      You accept it lol

  • well to get technical, it makes mores sense for harry's character to choose ginny since his greatest pain is being abandoned by his family so ginny offers him a full place in the weasley clan where as cho is just a hot smart Asian girl.

    • Disagree. He's already part of the family.

      Cho is a hot smart Asian girl who he connects with.

      Otherwise Hermione is a hot smart girl who has always been a loyal friend (unlike Ron, who was a leech).

      Otherwise a brand new girl makes more sense than a girl he suddenly likes, having felt nothing, NOTHING for her since. He must have been imperiused. Actually not must have been, he WAS imperiused into liking her. Probably by Ginny herself or else Hermione who was being blackmailed by Ginny for having hidden a poorly graded homework from her friends

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    • i forget... doesn't she still partially blame him for the death of cedric diggory?

    • No she doesn't. Who said that? Ginny lol?

      Cho was merely shocked by the death as was the whole school. That doesn't mean she loved him over Harry. Had Ron not held Harry up asking out girls, Harry might have asked her out first. You can see Cho's regret when she can't say yes to Harry having said yes already to someone.

  • everyone saw Harry and Hermione coming, so it was a surprise for me to find out Hermione ends up with Ron, and Harry with Ginny. i like Harry with Ginny, but he and Luna Lovegood would've made a cute couple too.

    • Yeah but Ginny is family. Luna would have been ok yeah. Cos it was clear from the beginning that he might like her. With Ginny, he never liked her.

  • Harry only felt lust, not love for Cho, plus she kept going on about Cedric when they went out on Valentines day.
    With Hermione, they had a sibling relationship

    • She only wanted closure on how he died. She fancied Harry.

      Harry did have a great rapport with Cho. Instant attraction physically and emotionally.

      Hermione, interesting. If you say that, then how the fcuk does he feel anything for Ginny who is family?

      Should have been a brand new girl then, not her.

    • In the last couple of books, after breaking up with Cho, Harry felt immediate jelousy of Dean going out with Ginny Weasley.

  • Ginny was alright. Luna wasn't bad either. I think Herimone gives guys hope if terminal ginger ron can land her

  • I didn't like the chick he ended up with in the end. She felt so flat in the films...

  • 100% Hermione. Even Rowling herself admits that in interviews.

    • Yep, I think a relaunch of the last two books is necessary!

      And maybe Cho could be invited for threesomes. Actually not maybe, definitely

  • how about ginny weasley, i'm sticking with that couple

    • Nah, read the books, much more chemistry with Cho, Hermione or even any other fan girl in terms of romance. Ginny was like family, and it felt so forced seriously.

      Otherwise, he should have dated several witch models before finally meeting a witch actress who didn't recognize him leading to a funny convo and then a date and then a wedding. You know, Four Witches and a Wedding type thing starring Jessica Alba as his bride.

  • i fell asleep in goblets of fire.

    boring ass movie

    • Also where the movies started to diverge too much from the books that I dunno how they made sense to people who just watched the movies.

      Tbh even azkaban lacked clarity for those who hadn't read it. The whole flashback scenes were omitted leaving me confused as to how someone would know what was going on

  • Nah man, cho never really got over Cedric.

    • You're right Ginny is crazy hot now she's matured I just saw her recently on Google haha

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    • Lol Ginny wasn't even in the poll to begin with tho

    • Because she should never have been an option. The way it is written, you pick up book 6 on its own, it makes no sense. You read books 1-5 and then book 6, it makes no sense.

      Thus she can't be his girl. Not saying the character isn't likeable. Though personally she was too judgmental for me versus kindly Hermione or the innocent Luna. Aside from the hottie at school girl image, Cho also seemed like a nicer person in general.

  • Ginny Weasley. Which is none other than me.

    • Nah, felt forced.
      Should have been in order of preference
      Brand new witch model > Cho > Hermione > another chick from school > Katie Bell > Just staying a single player who has threesomes

    • You are sick that's a children's book.

  • Cho, cuz she's the hottest.


    • No, she was family. As was Ron.

      If not Cho, then a BRAND NEW GIRL. A witch model he meets who doesn't recognize him leading to an amusing conversation and a date which leads to love. Played by Jessica Alba in any movie sequel.

    • He and Ginny met when Harry was eleven years old, of course he wasn't looking for love yet. And then he really, really got to know her as he spent more and more time at the burrow with her and on break with her and the other Weasleys'. He fell in love with her over time and then in the sixth book he finally realized that. He was meant to be with Ginny and that's that haha :)

  • sorry i don't know who ginny is

  • Dude, he wasn't initially attracted to her, because she was a 10 year old kid and she was also his best friend's sister.
    As for Hermione, he was never actually attracted to her.
    Cho was an indecisive bitch, who could never make up her own mind. He was his first love but it didn't work out.
    So my pick would be either Ginny or Luna (I freaking adore Luna :p).

    • I loved Luna too!

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    • 3. With Hermione, that's fine. I thought she was a much more loyal friend than Ron. There might have been a point where the author considered her. Read the very last page of book 4 and the sexual tension between Harry and her when she kisses him or when she hugs him in book 1.

      4. I'm with you on that. Ginny isn't that likeable a character. She is highly judgmental to the point of being prejudiced and manipulative. Quite frankly, Harry and Cho would have hit it off much better if he wasn't held back by disloyal Ron (which led to asking out Cho too late and she was GENUINELY SORRY she couldn't say yes because she liked HIM).

    • 5. Cho might not have been the most pure character, but aside from being hot, was a pretty cool character. He liked her from the moment he saw her. They also not only had commonalities, but got on very very well. Had they dated in year 3 onwards, it might have blossomed (before Harry's anger problems in book 5 and the mind hacks of Voldemort messing with his mood). Cho was also fiercely loyal to Harry throughout the series all the way to the end. As the reader, you also felt the chemistry and Harry's feelings of joy when he succeeds with her.

      6. If not Cho, I reckon a brand new girl (i. e. not Ginny) would have been preferable, more believable and more rewarding to Harry and the reader.

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