Harry Potter should have ended up with either Cho Chang or Hermione NOT Ginny? Read on and discuss?


Harry Potter should have ended up with either Cho Chang or Hermione NOT Ginny? Read on and discuss?
In the books, from the moment he first saw her, Harry's stomach does backturns for Cho. IT ALWAYS DOES. He clearly likes her and she clearly displays interest in him. It is not about his fame, she is attracted to him. She is nice to him from the moment they meet and wishes him well in Quidditich. In the fourth book, she also is pro Harry after he is selected as a champion, wishing him luck and not joining in in all the anti Harry behavior of others. Harry wants to ask HER to the ball. She is also genuinely sorry at not being able to say yes to go with him to the Yule Ball. Harry doesn't even think about Ginny at all in book 4. She might be upset about Cedric, but she clearly likes Harry a lot in book 5 and even in book 7 where she wants to help him against the bad guys. Harry also clearly likes her. Note in the books, she only is confused in book 5 after having lost someone. It is not awkward once she has accepted what happened (when they next meet in 7). In addition, Cho does not betray Harry and it is only owing to his anger issues in book 5 (being singled out as a lunatic by the wizarding press and many people) that they get into an argument. Ginny is not on Harry's mind in any way whatsoever. Ginny tbh likes him for his fame in book 1 and 2 and also having been saved by him. She is like his sister. And any interaction is based on being essentially part of the Weasley family. There is literally no chemistry compared to Cho Chang at all! It feels so poor. Ginny also is clearly possessive preventing him from going with Cho in book 7. And Cho Chang was much more fun, cool, nice (e. g. didn't make fun of Fleur) and hot than Ginny. If he is to end up with someone from school and not meet and settle with someone else he meets after Hogwarts, then Cho is Harry's girl.


If Harry doesn't end up with Cho and has to end up with someone from school, then it has to be the girl who has always been loyal to him (unlike others). His friend, his companion. Hermione is caring, she always stays by him. He clearly cares about her. Others (Dumbledore, Ron, the press, his year group in book 2, Cho) assume they are together. Unlike Ginny, there is chemistry from the early days. She is also not judgmental like Ginny. They click. Otherwise, Hermione clearly points out how Cho likes Harry back.

In the books and the films, Ginny is so random. There is no set chemistry unlike the others. It's not love spontaneous, just so WRONG! It should be Cho Chang, not Ginny.



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  • I agree. I can't even picture him with Ginny. Hermione or Cho would so soo much better but somehow I love Hermione and Ron together. I mean looking back from book one till now, the disagreements, the heat... awwwh they are cute now. I couldve seen that coming.


      Well said! It's so hard to see it, it seems so artificial and fake. I like how in the end of book 4, hermione kisses his cheek for the first time which gives a hint at the possibility. Agreed, Hermione works with Ron given the build up. But that's the whole point. Ginny with Harry is so out of place. So random, and somehow, so... disappointing.

      If Harry was going to end up with anyone from school (and not meet someone outside it) then it had to be Cho. There was ALWAYS chemistry from day 1 with those two from book 3 all the way to the end.

      Harry and Cho would have been the perfect way to end the series, don't you think?

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    • Exactly. And Harry and Cho had chemistry!

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  • I see Harry and Hermoine as having a very platonic relationship. All of the romances are a bit forced, IMHO, as most people don't end up with their school crush. I think Harry's attraction to Ginny started later because he saw her as kid at first though, not because there was no chemistry. You see guys do it a lot - she's an irritating, affectionate or invisible tag along at first then one summer she grows some curves and he's full of lust and guilt. I can count dozens of guys I know who end up crushing on a friend's sister or vice versa.

    They also had a similar sense of humor and viewpoint on life. Plus, she didn't try to overprotect him and accepted his role. So that part was a good match.

    But Cho is cool, too.


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  • I feel like having Hermione and Ron end up together was just to enforce the stereotype that "opposites attract". But I don't think they were really very compatible...

    If Harry hadn't been occupied by all the sinister happenings that were behind-the-scenes to all of his friends, he would've been much closer to Hermione. And I think that's the another reason they didn't end up together.

    I also don't understand how he didn't end up with Cho though. Cho was there throughout the whole series, and Harry only really realized he kinda liked Ginny pretty late in the books, right? 4 or 5? And it was totally just infatuation.

    • Yeah I see your point about Hermione and Ron. Tbh, Ron did not deserve Hermione as a girlfriend, nor Harry as a friend. He was a ship humper, disloyal and in it for the popularity. He was possessive and jealous. He wasn't truly a loyal friend to Harry - clearly in book 4 he demonstrates his true colours as well as in book 7.

      Hermione was a much better friend, indeed the best friend to Harry. Also Neville was staunchly loyal to him. In terms of falling for Hermione, it would have been interesting. She always was closer to him than others and at book 4's end, she randomly kisses him on the cheek, which might have been written as Rowling was making up her mind I guess.

      I completely concur on Cho though. If Harry was going to end up with anyone from school, Cho was his girl. There was CHEMISTRY. It was there. With Ginny it's so random and forced. Ginny is his family. With Cho, his stomach flips all the time, since book 3 to 7.

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    • Jesus Christ why do you care so much.

  • he should've banged Luna.

    anyways, maybe he should have ended up with hermoine, I don't see whats so special about ginny.

    • Lol on Luna. Tbh I thought there was more chemistry between him and Luna than with Ginny! And he at least thought about asking Luna out to a party.

      Agreed, nothing special and NO chemistry between him and Ginny.

      Yeah maybe Hermione, but if there is the friends argument, and it's gonna be someone from school, then he should have ended up with Cho Chang. She was the ideal woman, at least from what the books suggested. He was smitten from the start?

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    • @BruceJender There was no chemistry with Ginny at all till the random intro in book 6. At no point in book 5 does Harry fancy Ginny. At no point before that does he even look at her in that way or like her in that way. She's just a friend. In book 5, clearly when Cho walks in on him in the train carriage, he is embarassed and wants to look good for CHO.

      Even in book 7, Ginny is clearly worried about them reuniting and possessively interferes in the course of natural events by stopping Cho from escorting Harry to the Ravenclaw common room. She is not as nice as Cho Chang either in other books - she makes fun of Fleur. She is more like Harry's family given how he essentially becomes Harry Weasley.

      Harry and Cho are what the readers want.

  • Ginny is prettier than Hermione, at least for me.

    The fact that she got with Ron is perfect. Ron, although brave and loyal, isn't the brightest. Hermione, on the other hand, doesn't like to take risks and break the rules, but is incredibly bright.

    You can actually read and see their relationship developping. Hermione starts to break rules and Ron makes more intelligent moves and assumptions.

    The relationship between Harry and Ginny is almost instantaneously obvious from the onset. Ginny is the kind of girl who loves attention (in a good way of course), whilst Harry doesn't.

    I think Rowling made the right choice... I really couldn't see it any differently.

    • Personally, Hermione is way prettier. Also she seems so pretty in the films, it's surprising that she's not the hottie in the year lol. I guess her and Ron make sense, though Ron doesn't deserve her nor Harry given his disloyalty over the series. Hermione was a much better friend. Also she kissed Harry on the cheek randomly in book 4. Was this written as a just in case the writer put them together later? At least Harry and Hermione would make sense.

      Harry and Ginny from the onset? No way pal. Are you sure you read all the books? Ginny is his family. She was infatuated by the FAMOUS Harry when she saw him. Harry never even looked or thought about her, let alone fancied the pants off her. It was so artificial/fake and random for Harry to suddenly like her and desire her in that way. Too forced.

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    • You're the one who needs to read them again, the love for Ginny starts in book 5. By that time Ginny is already heads over heels for Harry.

      Anyway, let's agree to disagree before you go all Ad Hominem on my ass.

    • Dude like you (respect by the way) have read them many times. I don't think the love (which came out of nowhere) starts in book 5 for Ginny. No way! If anything he starts to develop even more for Cho in that book.

      My whole point is not Hermione. The point is that if Harry ends up with anyone from school, it has to be Cho. There was such a build up. There was instant attraction by BOTH people. There was development. There was CHEMISTRY which was there throughout every book since Cho was introduced - i. e. all the way to the end. It wasn't forced.

      Did you read my opinions in response to you? Cho Chang and Harry Potter fit. It just works. Not to mention as a reader, you are willing Harry on, feel part of his struggle to be with her. And you want them to succeed. If not for his anger in book 5 and geopolitical wizarding events, they might have even hit it off sooner. By book 7, you still feel the love between them.

      Harry and Cho are better than Harry and Ginny ANY DAY.

  • Cho is a necessary experience with heartbreak for Harry, it was never meant to be, just schoolboy infatuation.

    Harry is oblivious to Ginny for a long time, but she falls in love with him in the second book when he saves her life in the Chamber of Secrets. From then on she's always flustered around him, it's slowly developed that she's crushing on him and he's unaware. But they have lots of little interactions, lots of little funny moments together. It was developed slowly. The fact that it's not so storybook generic makes it a better pair in my opinion.

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