My boyfriend feeds me too much?

My boyfriend keeps on buying me chocolate, chips, sugary drinks and cookies, taking me to restaurants all the time when we are together. We are both quite fit and have a very active lifestyle but I'm worrying about putting on a lot of weight. He only dates with slim and attractive girls and he clearly told me that if I put on weight he might start looking for another girlfriend. How could I explain him not to buy me food all the time if he wants me to be slim and pretty? I am very strict about my diet, don't eat anything sweet and my carb intake is usually very low. I always feel that I have to comproise a lot when I'm spending my time with him and have to eat his treats if I don't want to offend him. I am aware that there is a" feeder personality" and they can be really extreme. colud he be one of these feeder types? has anyone dated a guy like my bf? what to do with him? I explained to him a lot of things about my diet but he setill keeps on buying me cakes candies and lots of snacks all the time and I always have to refuse it. what else can I do?


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  • Just tell him! Tell him that you can't eat all that junk and still say sexy. You just have to be assertive and express yourself. He won't know unless you say something. Instead of buying you food he should be buying you shoes lol

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