This girl wants me to meet her friends but is it to soon?

So I was set up on a blind date with this girl and we went on one date last week, it went fairly well but she was quite shy, I asked her for a 2nd date and she said she wanted to invite me out with 5 -6 of her other friends being there with us, I personally feel its to soon and feel awkward about she taking it more seriously or am I heading to the friend zone? I am not sure what to make of this. Id personally rather go on another few dates with her first as not entirely sure myself about her yet after only one date


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  • Personally I don't think you can take that invite as an indication of her taking it seriously or you headed to the friend don't have enough information. IMO I think it is totally fine that you don't really want to go out with her + 6 of her friends that you don't know and that (presumably) all know each other. She should understand that if she is shy. I would say I'd like to see you again, but maybe wait a bit to hang out with all of your friends too.

    One other thing is it could be a scheduling thing. You happened to ask when she already had plans and she is trying to do both.

    Either way, if you don't want to...don't.


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  • i think because she's shy her friends being there takes the pressure off one on one conversation which she might find hard or awkward especially if you're shy too. her friends can start conversations you both can join and then she won't have to worry about awkward silences or bad conversation

  • She just doesn't feel ready to go out with you alone yet and want to see you in a friendly environment to be more sure.

    If you're so scared to be around her friends, maybe you have something to hide, like being a j€rk and knowing that others could pick it up... I don't know.

    • well I guess I am worried how her friends might judge me yeah. but I am not a jerk but I am quite a shy guy, I wouldn't mind after 3 or 4 dates but after one seems a little to soon :/

    • the few blind dates that I went on, the person who set us up, bowed out after intro's.

    • Because you're seeing it in the wrong way! She doesn't want you to meet her friends, she doesn't want to jump into dating yet, that's what it is in my opinion.

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  • at least you're not meeting the parents yet. um, apparently she trust and values her friends opinions more than her own. if you can be in a relationship like that, then go for it. another possibility is that she wants to see if you are going to hit on her friends. a lesser possibility is that she's trying to pass you off on a friend. my grandmother was passed off onto my grandad.

    • yeah I have the feeling she wants her friends opinion on me, which seems a bit unfair after just one date! stupid thing is I leave to go traveling for 8 months in 2 weeks but she doesn't know this, I just more up for a few dates b4 I left, meeting all the friends is to much to soon, I can't imgine making a girl meeting all my mates after one date

    • if you're goingto be gone for 8 months, do you think you might have waited to start a relationship?

    • You're not serious. If you were, you would have told her. Instead you wanted to wait until the last moment, after going out with her other times... Don't you think that's waisting other people time? I find this disrespectful.