My friend’s girlfriend wants to meet me?

So my friend has been dating his girlfriend for almost a year now. I asked him last night if he wanted to hang one more time before he heads off to school. He asked what we could do and I said we could maybe get something to eat, or drive around and talk like we did last time. Then I brought up how he had mentioned going to the town where he goes to school. He wrote back saying how that all could work and that if I were interested his girlfriend mentioned that she’s interested in meeting me. I told him that was fine with me. Not going to lie I am a bit nervous. But I’ve always been shy with meeting new people. It makes sense as to why she’d want to meet me but then again she knew about me for a year almost. Interesting that she wants to meet me and he didn’t offer to introduce her to me. Well he did back in January but I wasn’t over him. Now that I am, I’ve told him twice I wouldn’t mind meeting her but he never said anything. I’m being open minded and want things to go well, who knows she could end up becoming a good friend. Plus I don’t want to be third wheeling. Any tips or input to calm my nerves? What do you guys think?
My friend’s girlfriend wants to meet me?
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