How to show interest without coming on too strong?

My problem when it comes to dating is: I fall too fast. I've known this guy for a couple of weeks, went on two dates, had a good time. But the minute I realize I'm into him, I want to take a step back because I don't want to come on too strong, because having feelings for someone you just met is a bit too much (or so I think). So then I take a step back, I don't wanna take too much initiative, but I want him to know I'm interested. I asked to meet up once, but he couldn't make it, I try to flirt but online/through text isn't that easy for me. So any advice? And how to know if he's not interested at all? Because I feel like he was into me, He sometimes texts me goodnight, but other times he doesn't. Then I start over thinking things, which I shouldn't do (I know, but easier said than done). I've been out of the dating scene for a year and I don't know how to let a guy notice I'm interested without coming on too strong or know if he's into me too...

(maybe some more info about "us": went on two dates, text almost every day, either he texts me or I text him, he teases me but not a lot, won me a teddybear two weeks ago, sometimes texts me goodnight, he told me in the beginning that he feels we can talk well)


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  • Just continue to accept dates. Simple as that. Little touches while on dates is also a good way to show interest.

    • Thanks for the advice! Do you think I should wait until he asks me again or should I ask again to hang out?

    • Wait for him. If he's into you, he'll ask you out once a week.

    • Alright, thanks!

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