Do men lose respect for a women after sexting?

Liked a guy for a couple years now. We are both finally single, we went on one date he tried taking me home, of course I wanted too, I love sex and it's been so long 5 months : ( but I'm not easy. I have self respect and self worth. Anyway couple days aft the date we sexted. Will he lose respect for me? I didn't do it to please him it was more to please myself. Get some sort of satisfaction. The main question here is do men lose respect for women if they sext? I didn't send any insane pictures just one of my breast in a bra (didn't think it was a big deal it's like a bathing suit top!) no face shot. I really like him but I love myself more. I won't jeopardize my heart and soul for a good nights f**k. But I definitely like to have fun (hence sexting).


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  • You probably look like you're playing games with him now. Think about it. You say no to going home with him then you tease him with fake dirty photos. I'd drop contact with you after that personally. You can't do the real deal yet you'll tease over text.

    There's nothing "jeopardizing" about having sex. You're just battling your own insecurities and forcing him to have to be stuck dealing with them. It's more degrading to sext after turning down real sex because it means you want it badly but can't get over the silly "I'm not a whore" mindset.

    • It's not about being a "whore" it's about respecting my body and protecting my heart and soul. If he really likes me and wants to see if we're a good for each other, sleeping with him on the 3rd, 4th date wouldn't matter. I really like him, if I sleep with him I'll get even more attached. I know myself. So I'd rather wait and see what his intensions are. Any girl that tells you she doesn't get attached aft sleeping with someone is a slut or a liar. And if she actually doesn't more power to her.

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    • Well more Power to them. I wish I could remove my feelings from the equation. But in all honesty thanks for your insight. I've decided to just roll with the punches. Your right I am battling my own desires. Life's to short. I just need to have no expectations. But my real question! Lol was would a man lose respect for a girl for sexting.

    • It's different per person. Some guys get off on it, others don't.

  • No, it's the normal course of dating. And even on the contrary, as it's not always easy to be uninhibited face to face, before the first time, but it shows something more is going to happen.

    Some people are just more comfortable having sexual talks by text or IM, rather than face to face.


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