Why play hot and cold? Why block me? Why why why?

Ok, so I have had a thing for this guy for 6months now. It all started when we met for a drink. The date was a bit strange (as in it ended earlier than expected, not rudely), after this I tried to arrange a second date and it just was not working out. I joined a dating website and found the same chap on there. He messaged me and I ignored him, we deleted each other of Facebook and attempted to move on.

I dated a few other people but could not get this guy off my mind, he was in my top matches on the website and I found it hard to look past that! Lol. I texted him, things were going well! We re-added each other and met up lots. He told he had been seeing someone but called it of with her because he couldn't stop thinking about me. He asked if we would ever work out as a couple. Every thing was looking up! Then he started to get really hot and cold. He would be so into me some weeks and then drop me the next.

As a last ditch attempt I tried to meet with him one last time, he agreed. However when it actually came to meeting he felt too poorly, so I said hope you feel better etc... And asked "will we meet agian?" He never replied. A few days later I got angry. I lashed out and told him I was fed up of games. He tried to talk to me and we argued. 24 hours later I have been blocked and deleted off Facebook.

I'm really upset about this, I really like this chap. I know I can move on but I will always think about him. I would really like to understand why he blocked me. Was it out of anger? Is there anyway we can come through this? I did text him to apologise for how I spoke and told him I liked him a lot, but have had no reply. He could have blocked my number.
Why play hot and cold? Why block me? Why why why?
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