She always purposely responds late to my texts

well I started talking to this girl, and sometimes we text. nothing crazy, just short conversations... random things you know.

whether it be through Facebook message, or imessage, she purposely doesn't "read" my messages even though she is online and available.

she'll get back to me like an hour or two later, or three. does she wnat me to be doing THIS. does she want me sitting and thinking "hmm why isn't kelly answering me?" ?

pls halp she iz te most butiful girl I've ever known in my 20 years of life

and before a girl says "relax she has a life of her own".. I know she does. but when I text her, and half an hour passes and I see her commenting and liking stuff on Facebook.. she has had of of seen my text
guys... I never said she doesn't text me back. she just takes hours. and obviously I wait I'm not jumping out of a window or calling her when she doesn't text me back


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  • "pls halp she iz te most butiful"

    You had a mini stroke there, you ok?

    Well I leave shit running on my computer all the time, may be available but ill respond a day later.

    If she's purposely ignoring you that's not generally a good sign.

    Ask her if she wants to hang out? Be a little more.. exciting or flirty?


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  • She doesn't see you as a priority. Quite frankly, she prob thinks you're annoying.


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  • She delays responding to your texts because she doesn't want to give you the impression that she is eager to talk to you, which perhaps would make her seem like an easy catch to you.

    In other words, she is playing hard to get by being somewhat elusive and unavailable to you.

  • "pls halp she iz te most butiful girl I've ever known in my 20 years of life"
    I don't need to know anything about you. You can be the best man in history, the perfect one, superman and batman together.

    But what I know for sure is that your chances with her are (minus) -100%. Not ZERO. But way below ZERO. You have a lot of work in front of you. Work on yourself get rid of that mentality. OMG! She's the perfect woman!

    My advice: make a foul out of yourself. Keep what you are doing now: Kiss her ass and write her all the time until she will block you from Facebook, Whatsapp. You will learn at least a lesson.

  • I think that there's a chance she's just not into you. Perhaps you could try asking her out the next time you text.

  • Maybe that's just how she is: Slow as fuck.

    You like 'em slow huh Slim?

  • Good vs Bad

    Good: She's busy and doesn't really pay attention, if she likes you or has even the slightest of interest she will text back so just wait it out and chill.

    Bad: Act flirty with her, create some hype and excitement, then when she texts back reply in a day or two.

    Do it at your own risk lol (but srsly I'll vote the first one).